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How to Become a Software Engineer from Scratch: Ultimate Career Change Guide

basics you need to know on how to get into software development. Follow the steps to become a software engineer and make a plan using the resources below. 5 Steps to Become a Software Engineer Step 1: Learn about different coding career paths. First and foremost, clarify and learn about different coding career paths. Software engineering is the general terms of the following roles, including differences in job duties, qualifications, and talents. You should understand the specific details or inquire
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How to Prepare for a Google Interview

multiple stages of a Google hiring process, which start with you demonstrating your technical skills and end with several in-person interviews to assess compatibility. Here are the steps to keep in mind while preparing for a Google interview: ✏️ Online assessments When you start your Google software engineer preparation, the first step you’ll need to work on is Google's online assessment. This is a coding test for recent graduates and interns. The test is a coding sample
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How to Use Mock Interviews To Land Your Dream Job

interpersonal skills through mock interviews. However, career coaching is a career in itself, and therefore you will probably have to pay for coaches’ mock interview services. 📍 Online interview practice programs If you would like a more dynamic approach to practice interviews, you can try finding an online mock interview program. Many of these mock interview programs are more industry-specific and can be done in group sessions, for example, mock coding interviews for software engineers. Online mock interviews can

Best Front End Developer Portfolios [How-to guide + Examples]

end developers often collaborate with other IT professionals, like web developers, to make sure how the code strings affect the design. Today, more and more new businesses are launching on the internet – shifting from traditional brick and mortar stores to online stores – and front-end developers have become one of the most highly-demanded jobs. In order to survive in the competitive field and be noticed, a front end portfolio is a must-have for anyone who has been in
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Informal Interviews: Questions & How to ace them

an online chat. It also allows, if not encourages, open discussions. Still, formal and informal interviews share the same goal: to assess whether you are suitable for a company. Benefits of accepting an informal interview invitation: ✨ A chance to practice your interviewing skills Perhaps you have several more interviews coming up. An informal interview provides a great opportunity to practice for more traditional interviews since an informal interview is much more friendly and less stressing compared to a formal

Consulting Cover Letter Writing Tips (+ Top Consulting Firms Cover Letter Examples)

statistical analytics which will be an invaluable contribution to McKinsey’s Actuarial team in implementing actuarial models to help clients optimize the growth and profitability of their risk-based businesses. During a summer internship with BCG, I was tasked with coming up with creative alternatives to streamline a client’s business operation. This involved moving disparate procedures within different teams and offices into a single online solution that has resulted in annual savings of $1M. McKinsey’s clients look for

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