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Mar 11th 2024

Kuis What Cake R U: Ketahui Semua Tipe Kepribadian Disini

cukup mudah dimainkan. Peserta cukup menjawab 12 pertanyaan situasional lalu mereka dapat akan mendapatkan salah satu jenis kue dari 6 jenis kue yang berbeda: kue lapis, cupcake, macaroon, kue stroberi, tiramisu, dan kue bolu. Berikut adalah langkah-langkah bermain di test kepribadian CakeResume What Cake R U: Buka link What Cake R U Klik tombol "Start Test" Pilih "Mulai Petualangan" Jawablah pertanyaan pilihan ganda dengan jawaban yang sesuai dengan diri kamu Setelah selesai, klik "Lihat Peranku" Akan muncul jenis kue
Career Planning
Jul 6th 2022

Find Your Dream Job with These 10 Free Career Tests

do for the rest of your life. However, career tests are a tool to understand different career types and their characteristics. Top 10 Free Career Tests Truity Career Tests Career Fitter CareerExplorer Princeton Career Quiz 123 Career Test 16 Personalities Test O*NET Interest Profiler Keirsey Temperament Sorter Wisconsin Technical College System Career Quiz CareerOneStop Interest Assessment 🔍 Truity Career Tests Truity Career Test is a personality and career test that aims to offer reliable, scientifically sound tests. The developer
Career Planning
Mar 6th 2024

DISC 人格測驗是什麼?一解 DISC 測驗,幫助你更了解自己

職場運用? 三、DISC 人格測驗,用對溝通術與人交流 一、什麼是 DISC 測驗? DISC 測驗全名為「DISC 人格特質測驗(DiSC Personality Tests)」,主要將人格特質分為四大性格面向 — 「支配型(Dominace)」、「影響型(Influence)」、「穩健型(Steadiness)」、「分析型(Conscientiousness )」,並以老虎、孔雀、貓
People Operations
Mar 6th 2024

Pre-Employment Testing: What to Know & How to Choose

for jobs that require a degree of technicality (e.g. engineers, pilots, accountants) and may involve verbal, spatial, abstract or logical reasoning components. Physical Ability Tests For jobs that require endurance, strength, or exposure to risk-related environments, physical ability tests can be used to determine if applicants are capable of working in a safe capacity. Physical ability tests can also help employers avoid workplace hazards and related legal repercussions. Personality Tests Personality tests are used to identify the extent
Mar 7th 2024

CakeResume's Psychological Career Quiz—What Cake R U Has Taken Over Instagram Over the Past Few Weeks

and perform tasks that require detail, meticulousness, carefulness, or follow the instructions of others. Workaholism index: 39% Career lucky charm: Fish tank Work besties: Layer Cake & Tiramisu  Just coworkers: Cup Cake & Strawberry Cake Now that you’ve known about the test, let’s head over to the quiz to understand yourself a bit better. You’ll know what career path you should chase. Don't forget to let us know the result! If you have completed the test, it’s
Cover Letter
Oct 11th 2022

Cover Letters for Pharmacists (Samples and Tips)

Created by CakeResume In this article, we'll cover: Pharmacist Cover Letter Samples How to Write a Pharmacist Cover Letter Pharmacist Cover Letter Template Pharmacists play a vital role in ensuring safe medication usage. Some pharmaceutical duties include preparing prescriptions, reviewing physician notes, and monitoring allergies at places like hospitals, clinics, or local retail drugstores. For a pharmacist entering the job field, adding a cover letter is more likely to engage the hiring manager by explaining how their personality and
Resume & CV
Sep 16th 2021

Loan Officer Resume Examples, Formats, Templates [+Tips]

large amount of money. You may need help from a loan officer when proceeding to obtain a loan. In general, loan officers work for commercial banks, mortgage companies, or credit unions. They apply their market knowledge and financial skills to test the borrower's creditworthiness to determine if they are qualified for a loan. Also, they may provide borrowers with advice on different borrowing situations or paperwork for granting the loan. 🔎 Fact: The role of a loan officer may
Resume & CV
Feb 25th 2021

How to write an internship resume? Pro Tips for Students

internship? For starters, student internships help to explore your strengths, weaknesses, and preferences, and they’re precious opportunities to build some serious networking that might help you land on a desiring job after you graduate. Also, internships allow you to test the water before you recklessly jump in the murky water of the unknown. Let’s say you have your heart set on working in a particular industry; an internship grants you an opportunity to see if it’s truly
Feb 21st 2022

Tips and Websites to Make the Perfect Acting Portfolio

and also professionals! What Is an Acting Portfolio? Let's look deeper into a professional-looking acting portfolio – what it looks like and what it consists of. An acting portfolio gives casting directors an informative overview of your appearance, style, personality, and acting skill. Without one, you’ll likely fail to land auditions as they have no idea about who you are, how you look like, and which shots or movies you’ve joined the cast. While an acting resume
Cover Letter
Apr 24th 2024

Writing Letters of Support Guidelines [+ Templates and Examples]

Writing Letter of Support Guidlines In a competitive job market, the first thing you need to do is to do everything you can to make your application stand out. Extensive experience, in-demand skills, and a well-written cover letter are essential, but being endorsed by others with a letter of support is a powerful way to boost your applications. This endorsement works both ways, and a well-written letter of support can help you make moves or get expected

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