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2022 Aug 30th

How to Become a Journalist: Step-by-step Guide & Career Advice

Depending on your specialization, you can have a chance to dig deeper into broadcast, print, photojournalism, or public relations. For those focusing on print or broadcast journalism, you may want to do additional coursework like graphic design, web development, and video production. 🖋 Build a professional portfolio Whether you are wondering how to become a freelance journalist or seeking a full-time position, it’s highly recommended you have a professional portfolio to showcase your work. Think about it as

20 Best Portfolio Design Ideas [+ Tips for Your Personal Portfolio]

in your portfolio will make the design easier and more comfortable to view. 💡Compile high-quality materials and works. To ensure that your portfolio website communicates exactly who you are, pay attention to the resolution and format of images, videos, or documents you’ve uploaded. You will not want to miss a great project or precious job opportunity just because your blurry images made your portfolio website visitors leave with no impression. 💡 Set the dimensions of your portfolio

5 Steps to Creating an Impressive Marketing Portfolio

Created by CakeResume In this article, you will read about: What Is a Marketing Portfolio? What to Include in a Marketing Portfolio How to Make a Marketing Portfolio Tips on Creating a Great Marketing Portfolio Marketing Portfolio Examples A marketing portfolio is used by people who work in the marketing field to showcase previous projects that they have marketed for. A marketing portfolio could consist of images, videos, descriptions of the project and the marketer’s contributions, skills and tools

How to Make an Online Portfolio [+ Tips, Examples, Guide]

help you stand out among other applicants during a job search. What is an online portfolio? An online portfolio (or also known as digital portfolio) is a document which summarizes your qualifications and is presented online on a digital portfolio website. Online portfolios are more advanced in a way, as they are able to present a wider variety of contents compared to paper portfolios. Videos , audios and links to other sites or resumes could be included in an online portfolio

Personal Websites - A Guide With Examples

their own personal website to build their personal brand and online presence, giving you a kickstart during job interviews. Let’s cover all the possible uses of a personal website to have a better idea of why creating a personal website will benefit you. 🖋 As a portfolio Personal portfolio websites showcase your talents, expertise, projects, and even your personality to potential clients and/or employers in an organized manner. Having a personal portfolio site boosts your credibility by allowing

What to Include in a Portfolio Resume? 3 Tips to Build a Professional Portfolio for Interview

portfolio while screening resumes. By making the most of portfolios, your past projects (e.g. design or programming related) can allow companies to have a clear understanding of your expertise and experience. Having trouble designing a beautiful layout for your portfolio resume? CakeResume's resume editor enables users to showcase their previous work by embedding images, videos, PDF and Power Point files in resumes. Try it out and impress your potential employers! 2. Select works/ projects that would interest the
Job Search Tips
2020 Jan 17th

CakeResume vs. Resume: The Resume to Land Your Dream Job

only texts. In this modern age where we breathe in technology every single moment, we need to find ways to go beyond this world of ‘texts’. CakeResume allows you to build your own personal site by embedding texts, links, images, videos and even maps. It helps you to advertise your assets and abilities with an impressive virtual portfolio and guide your potential employers to the heart of your profile. Responsive Web Page Sharing online contents is the most convenient way

Cara Mengirim CV dan Melamar Kerja Lewat WA agar Dipanggil Interview!

banyak yang digunakan di Indonesia . Menurut data We Are Social, ada 83% pengguna internet di Indonesia menggunakan WhatsApp . Bukan hanya untuk berbincang tentang kehidupan sehari-hari, dengan segala fungsi dan layanan yang disediakan, kamu bisa mengirim file seperti audio, foto, video maupun mengirim mengirim file pada WA seperti doc dan juga PDF. Hal ini juga mempermudah untuk kirim lamaran pekerjaan via WA. Lantas apa bedanya kirim lamaran via WA dan mengirim lamaran lewat email ? Cara mengirim lamaran lewat WA dan

How to Make a Resume?|Step-by-step Resume Building Guide

every Mac has installed the program to run Microsoft Word, it might cause an awkward situation when a hiring manager is unable to open the resume file. 2. Website type : It is getting more and more popular to build a personal website/web-page , especially for professions required to maintain portfolio and side projects , like software engineers and designers. With the generalization of website builder software, it is getting much easier to build a website with low cost and effor...

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