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Are you a person with great love and patience toward children around 5 to 6 years old? If so, kindergarten teacher is a good career path that you can consider pursuing. 

A kindergarten teacher will be responsible not only for lesson planning and instruction but also for communication with parents. Moreover, since most children in kindergarten age learn different subjects through many games and activities, a kindergarten teacher needs to pay great attention to children’s safety no matter in the classroom or on the playground

📝 Difference between a kindergarten and a preschool:

A pre-school, also called pre-kindergarten (pre-k), provides children under age 5 an environment to explore and interactive with other kids before entering kindergarten, but it is not required education by the government. 

Now, whether you are already a seasoned kindergarten teacher or a fresher/career changer with less experience, a well-tailored kindergarten teacher resume is necessary for you to get this meaningful job.

How to write a great kindergarten teacher resume?

Here are essential tips for kindergarten teacher resume writing.

Tip 1: Craft an ATS-friendly kindergarten teacher resume.

In the modern technological society, a perfect kindergarten teacher resume should be both reader-friendly and machine-friendly. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is software that automatically screens for the particular keywords on applicants’ resumes and selects qualified ones.

⚠️ Hence, remember not to use Likert scale charts, pie charts, or something similar in your kindergarten teacher resume, for ATS cannot understand such graphs.

Tip 2: Refer to online kindergarten teacher resume samples & templates.

When you sit in front of your desktop and try to write your kindergarten teacher resume, suddenly, plenty of questions pop up in your mind: what to put on your kindergarten teacher resume? Where to place each section? At this moment, try to take some online kindergarten teacher resume samples as reference.

Having a basic framework of how other professionals tailor their resumes can increase your efficiency in creating your kindergarten teacher resume. 

Tip 3: Customize each kindergarten teacher resume and adopt position-related keywords.

Note the difference between a kindergarten teacher CV and a kindergarten teacher resume.

Usually, a CV for the kindergarten teacher needs less customization compared to a kindergarten teacher resume. A CV allows applicants to include more than two pages of details about their experience and achievements.

However, a kindergarten teacher resume should be as concise and specific as possible since most resumes are only one page. A useful technique is to add position-related keywords mentioned in the job descriptions to your kindergarten teacher resume. 

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Tip 4: Numbers enrich your kindergarten teacher resume.

A Kindergarten teacher resume, with both qualitative statements and quantified results, is more convincing to the hiring manager. For example, if you had experience leading a class, it is best to indicate [how many] children you guided.

Tip 5: Demonstrate that you have patience.

Some people may view kindergarten education as an easy task, but it is not the truth. Kindergarten teachers care for children who don't know how to communicate properly. Hence, they should have great patience and design different teaching methods to engage energetic children in classrooms. So try to demonstrate this soft skill in your kindergarten teacher resume to prove your teaching ability.

Online resume builders, like CakeResume, provide service in building a professional kindergarten teacher resume.

What is a good objective for a kindergarten teacher resume?

A career objective for a kindergarten teacher is commonly seen in freshers' resumes. Typically, a kindergarten teacher resume objective can be divided into three parts:

  1. 2-3 positive characteristics an applicant possesses
  2. Professional experience related to the kindergarten teacher position
  3. Career goals one would like to achieve in the employer’s school 

Kindergarten teacher resume examples for the career objective section:

  • Patient and reliable kindergarten teacher with 3 years of experience in early childhood education. Designed lecture activities to attract 17 children to learn, including subjects like language, math, character building, etc. Eager to join the team of Little Mermaid Kindergarten to create a promising future for children.
  • Passionate early childhood educator specialized in developing structured and engaging lessons. Supervised children of 18 to ensure their safety in class and give particular supports to kids in different learning situations. Looking for a kindergarten teacher position at Brainers to provide proper care and professional education to inspire children. 

Resume objective example for a fresher kindergarten teacher: 

Proactive education graduate with a theoretical background and practical intern experience. Desire to enter a well-reputed school like Kidos to cultivate more of my teaching expertise. Complimented by senior kindergarten teachers for great children engagement ability 3+ times during the internship.

📝 Reminder:

Include the school’s name in your career objective for a kindergarten teacher to craft a more personalized kindergarten teacher resume.

How to write a resume summary for a kindergarten teacher?

As the name suggests, a resume summary gives a brief outline of your kindergarten teacher resume. It is similar to the kindergarten teacher resume objective, but instead of emphasizing the career objective, a resume summary places importance on one’s experience and accomplishments.

Try to include the following things in the summary section of your kindergarten teacher resume:

  1. Soft skills (e.g., communication with parents)
  2. Technical skills (e.g., lecture planning)
  3. Certifications (e.g., state-issued certificate and license)
  4. Educational background (courses or training related to childhood education or majors in specific subjects like English, Math, etc.)
  5. Outstanding achievements

✍🏻 Note:
he summary of your kindergarten teacher resume should be within 2-3 sentences (around 30-50 words).

Kindergarten teacher resume samples for the summary section:

  • 5-year-experienced kindergarten teacher able to deliver timely and professional assistance to children, parents, and colleagues. Conducted daily 20-children classroom organization such as curriculum planning and implementations, children performance evaluations. Communicated with parents to develop better solutions to children’s problems, which earned positive feedback and successfully improved children’s learning abilities. 
  • Dependable kindergarten teacher with 6 years of experience in the educational field. Arranged 20+ home visits and 35+ festival activities. Lead the classroom’s redesign projects (like planning the reading area, play area, faculty lounge, etc. ) to create a comfortable and safe environment for both children and colleagues. 

Resume summary example for a kindergarten teacher but without experience:

Early Childhood Education graduate with great passion to enter Kiddie Cloud as a kindergarten teacher. Known for carefulness and creativity when it comes to lecture design. Awarded as Best Kindergarten Teacher Assistant during the internship.  

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What are some great resume skills for a kindergarten teacher?

Here comes the essential elements, kindergarten teacher skills on your resume. Placing a skill section in your kindergarten teacher resume can quickly let recruiters know your capabilities.

You can choose from the following forms to list skills on your kindergarten teacher resume.

  • Simple bullet lists

It is the most typical way to list your kindergarten teacher skills. Every job seeker can adopt this method to their kindergarten teacher resumes. Yet, since a simple bullet list does not provide further explanations, remember to back your skills up in other sections such as work experience.

  • An expanded bullet list

An expanded bullet list improves the shortcoming of a simple bullet list - it adds further statements to each skill, making your kindergarten teacher resume more persuasive. However, under this method, the skill section will take up more space in your kindergarten teacher resume, and therefore, you can only provide limited skills (up to five).

  • Integrating skills with work experience

Combining your kindergarten teacher skills with work experience is also a good choice. This way, employers can easily understand what skills you have learned. This format is more suited for those who have extensive work experience. For freshers, skills received from some internships or extra-curricular activities can also be applicable.

  • A categorized skills section

If you know well what kind of kindergarten teacher skills to put on a resume, you can consider the categorized skills section. Nevertheless, be cautious about the risk of this format. If one does not have a deep understanding of the position and has less work experience, using this method may easily result in errors.

👍 Tips for writing kindergarten teacher skills on a resume:

  1. A seasoned job seeker should keep the skill list short because the work experience is more critical, while a fresher is allowed to expand the skills section to gloss over the lack of work experience.
  2. Don’t include all of your skills. Instead, select the relevant ones. Refer to the job requirements to learn more.
  3. Legibility is the primary principle.
  4. Add both technical & interpersonal skills.

Kindergarten teacher resume examples for the skill section:

Hard/Technical skills:

  • Classroom Management
  • Curriculum Development
  • Lesson Planning
  • Assessment Design
  • Physical Stamina

Soft/Personal skills:

  • Communication Skills
  • Patience
  • Engagement Skills
  • Attention to Details
  • Resourcefulness

Write a kindergarten teacher resume with no experience

If you need a resume for the kindergarten teacher but have no experience, here are pieces of advice you can follow.

  • Choose a suitable resume format for your kindergarten teacher resume.

The reverse chronological resume format is the most common layout. However, a fresher can try to list work experience in reverse chronological order with a highlight on skills, which is a hybrid/ combination resume format.

🏷️ Further reading: Three Common Resume Formats

  • Use a kindergarten teacher resume objective instead of a resume summary.

As we discussed previously, a career objective is more suitable for freshers because compared to a resume summary, it requires less work experience and focuses more on career goals.

  • Highlight your education in your kindergarten teacher resume.

Education is an authorized proof of a fresher’s capability. For a kindergarten teacher position, having a certain education level is fundamental. Most kindergarten teachers need to have at least a bachelor’s degree and have participated in the Educator Preparation Program (EPP) to earn the certificate.

  • Include your side projects/extracurricular activities/internships.

Since a fresher has less work experience, try to put some side projects, extracurricular activities, internships, or tutoring experiences in your kindergarten teacher resume. These are persuasive accomplishments for those with less experience.

  • Write a sincere kindergarten teacher cover letter.

A kindergarten teacher cover letter is another opportunity to demonstrate one’s passion and qualifications. If you have no idea how to craft a cover letter for a kindergarten teacher but with no experience.

✍🏻Here are a few steps to help your kindergarten teacher cover letter stand out:

  1. List down several of your outstanding achievements during college.
  2. Create connections of achievements with the job and school you are applying for.
  3. Showcase those transferable skills to persuade recruiters of your potentials and values that you can devote to their organizations.

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Kindergarten teacher resume sample

Chloe Brady 

Communicative Kindergarten Teacher with 7 Years of Experience in Education and Tutoring

Mobile: (123) 123-123
Email: [email protected]
Address: Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.
CakeResume profile:

Professional Summary

Bilingual childhood education professional offering ESOL classes for 4+ years. Engaged 20 students aged 4-6 in 50+ language arts and Spanish learning activities. Seeking a kindergarten teacher position in Dolphin Kindergarten to assist children in building their language and teamwork abilities.

Work Experience

IAlice Kindergarten School
Kindergarten Teacher
May 2017–Dec 2021

  • Designed enjoyable course activities such as storytelling presentations and word solitaire to capture children’s attention
  • Prepared teaching materials like picture books and drawing books
  • Organized 10+ festival events like Halloween and Christmas costume parties 
  • Actively communicated with parents about their children’s mental and physical conditions to offer professional advice and proper support

Wonderland Kindergarten School
Kindergarten Teacher
Mar 2014–Apr 2017

  • Reported and discussed children’s learning situations to the Principal to improve teaching methods, which increased students' overall progress by 15% 
  • Developed teamwork-based course activities to nurture children’s expression and cooperation skills
  • Supervised lunch, snack, play, and nap time to ensure the safety and health of 16 children


2009-2013, BA in Education in Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education
Arizona State University

GPA: 3.8

Relevant courses

  • Introduction to Nutrition, Health, and Safety
  • Social and Emotional Development of the Young Child
  • Family, Community, and Professional Support Systems


Hard skills

  • Classroom Management
  • Curriculum Development
  • Lesson Planning
  • Assessment Design
  • Physical Stamina

Soft skills

  • Communication Skills
  • Engagement Skills
  • Patience
  • Stress Management


  • English (native)
  • Spanish (native)

--- Originally written by Angela Ye ---

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