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Any sort of occupation in the medical world is extremely fast-paced and requires a high degree of precision and accuracy since they deal with human lives. For this reason, medical scribes (or just scribes) may be employed by hospitals or private clinics to assist doctors and physicians to deliver the most effective patient care. 

A medical scribe can be placed in various departments, but their main responsibilities and duties usually consist of:

  • Taking notes during a patient interview or consultation
  • Charting and documenting a patient’s visit in the EHR (electronic health record)
  • Assisting with the flow of patients
  • Gathering of information for a patient’s visit (documentation, locating information, etc.)

As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, a professionally crafted medical scribe resume can do you wonders in your job search process.

Which resume format is the best for a medical scribe?

There are 4 types of medical scribe resume formats that you can use, they are:

  1. Chronological resume format
    The most frequently used resume format. With this format, you would list your work experiences in chronologically reverse order, starting with the most recent experiences first and making your way backward along your working experience timeline. 
  2. Functional resume format
    With a functional format, the main focal point of your medical scribe resume would be your skills, qualifications, and accomplishments instead of your employment history.
  3. Combinational resume format
    Combinational resume format merges the chronological format and the functional format; it should highlight your relevant skills first and should list your work experiences in reverse chronological order.
  4. Targeted resume format
    Just as the name suggests, this resume format will require a lot of tailoring of your medical scribe resume descriptions to specifically fit the medical scribe job opening. Although more time-consuming, you may expect a better outlook with it.

🔍 In which format or file type should a medical scribe resume be sent?

For most job openings, you can expect recruiters to ask for your medical scribe resume in PDF format or Word format. Typically, a PDF resume is more recommended than a resume in Word format.

When you send your medical scribe resume in a PDF format, the document will appear as you designed it; no matter the device it is opened in, it will stay the same.

Meanwhile, a resume in a Word format may be messy when opened because Word software versions may differ and may have different file types (.doc and .docx).

✅. Unless specifically asked to, it is best to send your medical scribe resume in the form of a PDF rather than Word.

How to prepare an entry-level medical scribe resume for freshers?

Advice 1: Use skill-based (functional) resume format.

As a fresher in a medical scribe world, you will most likely have a medical scribe resume with no experience. The next best thing that you might have to offer to recruiters is the (relevant) skills that you possess.

Thus, you might opt to use a skill-based or a functional resume format to shine a spotlight on your medical scribe skills in your resume when crafting your entry-level medical scribe resume.

Advice 2: Adopt a medical scribe resume objective.

When crafting your entry-level medical scribe resume, you don’t need to worry too much about your lack of experience.

You can redirect the recruiter’s attention to your medical scribe resume objective which should highlight your positive traits as a candidate and convey your (realistic and achievable) goals.

Advice 3: Highlight your educational qualifications.

As you might lack the experience to assure recruiters of your qualifications, your entry-level medical scribe resume should highlight your educational qualifications.

Your educational degree is formal proof of your ability and can show how qualified you are as a potential medical scribe.

What to include in a medical scribe resume – 8 key sections

No matter which resume format you might opt to adopt, the following sections are basic information that you should include in a professional medical scribe resume.

1. Resume Profile (Personal Information)

Your resume profile should contain basic personal information that may be relevant to the recruiters. For that, you would want to include:

  • Full name
  • Professional title, if any (it can give your prospective employer an idea of how experienced you are as a candidate).
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Address (city, state, and country)

However, to avoid potential hiring bias or discrimination, you should try to exclude personal details such as:

  • Current salary
  • Social security number or National Insurance number
  • Sexual orientation, gender, religion race, ethnicity, marital status, nationality, and photographs
    ❌  Professional employers will not ask for personal details unrelated to your abilities as a potential employee. Furthermore, putting out a number too early in the hiring process can lower your bargaining power

2. Medical Scribe Resume Headline

A medical scribe resume headline is a brief line placed on top of your resume (just below your name and contact information) that summarizes your resume. It announces you to recruiters, so you would want to outline your biggest achievements and use strong or catchy phrases to ensure that you capture and keep the recruiter’s attention on your resume.

Medical scribe resume headline examples:

  • Detail-Oriented and Meticulous Medical Scribe
  • Hardworking Pre-Med Graduate
  • Senior Medical Scribe Able to Work Under Pressure

3. Medical Scribe Resume Summary

After crafting the perfect medical scribe resume headline, you should elaborate more on it in your medical scribe resume summary. As its name suggests, your medical scribe resume summary should be designed to summarize your medical scribe resume content. It should be within 1-2 sentences long, briefly introducing yourself, and should contain short descriptions of your relevant achievements, skills, and experiences.

Medical scribe resume summary example:

  • Diligent and meticulous medical scribe with 5+ years of experience in the ER. Has a proven history of being able to work under pressure and had been commended by supervisors to be adaptable and detail-oriented.

4. Medical Scribe Resume Objective

A medical scribe resume objective is usually not a requirement but including a good one in your medical scribe resume can help recruiters to understand you better as a candidate. Your medical scribe resume objective should highlight your career goals as a medical scribe; you can include this within your medical scribe resume summary to increase the effectiveness of both. If you’re a student or a fresh graduate, including a student medical scribe resume objective in your entry-level medical scribe resume can help your resume if you happen to lack in the experience section.

Medical scribe resume objective example:

  • Passionate and committed medical scribe seeking to gain experience and grow within the private clinic industry.

5. Medical Scribe Resume Skills

Your medical scribe skills in your resume may undoubtedly be one of your main selling points as a candidate. There are many aspects to take note of when creating your medical scribe skills section of your resume, from the formatting to the skills to put in (and to exclude), it is crucial for you to carefully evaluate the job description as well as yourself before finalizing them. For greater effectiveness, make sure to include both hard skills and soft skills in your medical scribe resume!

Medical scribe resume skills examples:

  • Hard skills
    • Electronic Health Records (EHR) system
    • medical transcription
    • speed typing
    • medical terminology
    • hospital setting knowledge
  • Soft skills
    • communication
    • adaptability
    • critical thinking
    • stress tolerance
    • time management

6. Work Experience

Another crucial aspect of your entire resume, your previous work experiences can serve as an indicator of your potential fit and your ability to complete your tasks in the position you are applying to. 

Medical scribe resume work experience example:

  • Scribe Panacea Hospital                                                                  
    Jul. 2012 – Jan. 2017 
    • Organized, transcribed, and documented results for patients’ ER diagnosis and medication history
    • Documented completed procedures in the ER

7. Education

Your educational degree and history are formal verification of your knowledge (and to an extent, of your skills). This is a great way for you to boost an entry-level medical scribe resume or a medical scribe resume no experience.

For this section, you should include basic information such as your major and year of graduation. If applicable, you can also include your GPA, awards and honors, and relevant extracurricular activities.

8. Additional Information: Volunteer Experience

If you’ve had any experiences as a hospital volunteer, you should include them in your resume.

Volunteering in a hospital shows that you are most likely familiar with the environment, some terminologies, procedures, etc. This knowledge and experience can help immensely in your medical scribe job search process.

5 tips on how to write a good medical scribe resume

📍 Tip 1: Tailor the medical scribe resume to the job description.

As similar as most medical scribe jobs may be, there are bound to be some differences in the requested skills, the job background, working environment, etc. You should tailor your medical scribe resume to the job description to ensure that your resume matches the context of the job description.

📍 Tip 2: Make it concise and relevant to the job.

Generally, your resume should be within 1-2 pages long, recruiters can only allocate a short amount of time screening your resume. Reiterating tip 1, you should always tailor your resume to keep it relevant to the job context and to ensure that it does not go over the 2-page limit.

📍 Tip 3: Refer to online medical scribe resume examples.

There are plenty of well-crafted medical scribe resume examples online that can serve as a good reference for you when crafting your own. If you don’t know how to start or how to construct certain sections, you may find it beneficial to refer to these online references.

📍 Tip 4: Keep the formatting consistent. 

Although the content of your resume matters a lot, keeping a consistent format is also important. Ensure that the font styles, colors, size, alignment, etc. are consistent throughout your entire resume. 

📍 Tip 5: Keep the results in your medical scribe resume quantified

Prospective employers want to see your previous achievements, as it is definitive proof of your abilities. To do this, you would want to keep these results you have achieved in your medical scribe resume quantified, as it makes your achievements look more convincing and clearer than when you do so simply in words.

What resume template is the most successful one?

Should I use a medical scribe resume template?

Resume templates are helpful for job seekers (especially freshers) to build their first resumes more efficiently. Medical scribe resume templates can help you format your resume properly, you also won’t have to worry about the specific sections to include or exclude. However, not all medical scribe resume templates are well-made, some may contain too many visuals. 

💡  Tips: Don't rely too much on the resume template without tailoring it enough to the job description

What is the best resume template for a medical scribe?

Different seniority and experience levels will have different medical scribe resume templates that fit them best. For example, fresh graduates or those without prior working experience will be more suited to use resume templates that focus more on skills and other relevant experiences as this would be their main selling point. On the other hand, 

💡 Tips: experienced candidates might find it more beneficial for them if they utilize templates that highlight their past working experiences, seniority level, and work-related accomplishments.

Where can I get a free resume template?

1️⃣ Word Doc./Google Doc.

Both Microsoft Word and Google Doc. Provide free, pre-made resume templates that you can use for your next medical scribe resume. They are easy to edit and are free.

However, remember to ensure that the formatting across the entire resume is consistent when you are done. Shifting certain elements within the pre-made templates may affect other sections as well.

2️⃣ Cake

Resume builders like Cake provide a more customized resume format, layout, and templates. Cake also has a large variety of resume-template snippets that you can add, edit, or remove as you wish to build the most professional medical scribe resume.

Cake provides the right medical scribe resume templates & formats for you to showcase relevant skills and experiences. Sign up to create and download the best medical scribe resume, It's Free!

Medical scribe resume sample

Lola Tanaka

HIPAA-Certified Medical Scribe with 3+ Years of Experience in A Fast-Paced Hospital

[email protected]


Detail-oriented and meticulous medical scribe with extensive experience working in a fast-paced hospital ER and private medical clinics. Has documented over 2,500 patients with 98% accuracy. Looking to leverage my skills and expertise for the position of a medical scribe in Aceso Physiotherapy Clinic.

Work Experience

Medical Scribe, Cornerstone Hospital

Jan. 2017 - Present

  • Organized, transcribed, and documented over 2100 patients in the ER using Allscripts Electronic Health Record systems with a 98% accuracy.
  • Assisted ER doctors to access patients’ relevant test results, treatment plans, and medical history.

Medical Scribe, Iaso ENT Clinic

Jan. 2014 - Dec. 2017

  • Documented lab test results into patient files.
  • Documented procedures and diagnosis completed.
  • Assisted nurses and doctors to translate for Japanese and Korean-speaking clients.


  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) System
  • Medical Transcription
  • Speed Typing
  • Medical Terminology
  • Hospital Setting Knowledge
  • Communication
  • Time-Management
  • Multitasking
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Stress Tolerance


  • B.S in Biology, University of Washington
    • GPA: 3.98/4.0

2010 - 2014

--- Originally written by Patricia Rosita ---


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