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Every company needs the help of a supervisor to ensure a successful outcome. Their main role is to manage the communication flow within the organization, oversee employee performance, and provide guidance and support in a timely manner. 

Many of us may mistake a supervisor’s role with that of a manager since both positions have several certain tasks in common. However, a manager often has to deal with management on a larger scale. While a manager provides direct objectives and manages the deployment of a certain project, a supervisor helps oversee a specific team or an operation task.

🔎 Fact:

Many of us may mistake a supervisor’s role with that of a manager since they have certain tasks in common. However, a manager often has to deal with management on a larger scale. While a manager provides direct objectives and manages the deployment of a certain project, a supervisor helps oversee a specific team or an operation task.

Such responsibilities require a supervisor resume to cover relevant supervising skills such as operation management, effective communication, and experience that best describe the applicant’s capabilities. Structuring a professional supervisor resume will gain you immeasurable advantages during the job search.

Therefore, our article will help you out with guidance on drafting a resume for a supervisor position.

How to write a supervisor resume

✍🏻 Step 1: Recognize the differences between a CV and a resume.

Many people may find it difficult to tell apart a CV and a resume. While a supervisor CV represents one’s lifetime record from achievements to educational backgrounds, a resume often demonstrates only relevant elements concerning a specific position. Therefore, a resume is often adopted during one’s job search. 

✍🏻 Step 2: Adopt a suitable supervisor resume format.

It’s of prime importance to employ a suitable resume format to best describe your level and working experience. By selecting the right kind of supervisor resume format, you will be more likely to proceed to the interview round.

Normally, there are 4 types to adopt for a supervisor resume:

  • Chronological resume format: 

In this type of resume, your experiences and accomplishments are demonstrated in a timely-reversed order. Therefore, a chronological supervisor resume format suits someone who wants to highlight the latest achievements and job responsibilities. 

  • Functional resume format:

As the name suggests, a functional resume format is based on skills or strengths that are considered employing standards of the opening. A supervisor resume of this type helps the applicant showcase their strengths and highlight required skills for the position. It is suitable for those with large job gaps or career changes.

  • Combination resume format: 

This format kind is a combination of elements adopted from functional and chronological resume types. For those who desire to present a certain set of skills or achievements they acquire while also showcasing work history, a combination resume format appears as the most appropriate choice.

  • Targeted resume format: 

A resume of this type is often designed for specific hiring purposes or positions since it states only skills and accomplishments that are related to the opening. People with their eyes set on a certain position can employ this resume format to increase their chances of getting the job.

✍🏻 Step 3: Learn from other supervisor resume examples.

Supervisor resume templates and examples can help you navigate elements and structures of a good supervisor resume especially if you are a fresher.  

✍🏻 Step 4: Tailor your supervisor resume for the job position.

To increase your level of relevancy to the opening position, tailor your supervisor resume based on the requirements of each position. Remember to adopt keywords and achievements that meet the requirements stated in the job description. 

✍🏻 Step 5: Craft a cover letter.

A cover letter for a supervisor position is considered as a brief introduction of an applicant before the employers get to know the details presented in the resume. Therefore, it’s necessary to spend time brushing up on your supervisor cover letter.

For freshers, looking up for a sample cover letter for a supervisor position without experience is a recommended start to impress hiring managers. 

✍🏻 Step 6: Proofread.

To make sure that you leave no mistakes on your resume, double-check before sending out your supervisor resume.

What to put on a resume for a supervisor

1. Resume Profile (Personal Information)

Personal information in a supervisor resume often covers your full name, current position, address, working email, and phone contact. By providing clear personal information, you are increasing your opportunity of being connected for an interview.

2. Resume Headline

A well-structured headline demonstrates your job level and briefly presents your most valued skills. With such a headline, an employer can already tell if you are a potential fit for the position.

Here is how eye-catching maintenance supervisor resume headlines look like:

  • Experienced maintenance supervisor with effective management employment and budgeting skills
  • Attentive and goal-driven maintenance supervisor with 5 years of experience in charge of operating conditions.
  • Tech-savvy maintenance supervisor with expertise in project management and facility supervision.

3. Resume Summary

In a resume summary, you will provide the employer with the most outstanding achievements along with valuable skills that are necessary for the job.

Examples of security supervisor resume summaries:

  • Experienced security supervisor skilled at providing security supervisory and technical equipment surveillance. Proven working track of 10+ years experiencing high-pressure environments.
  • Tech-savvy and experience-based security supervisor in charge of conducting security audits. Designed and implemented security measures that reduced the total number of incidents by 30%.
  • Technical security supervisor with 7 years of experience working in state banks, providing high-tech equipment surveillance and device monitor. A team leader of up to 20 guards to ensure a secured working environment at peaked hours.

👍 Reminder: Keep the section condensed with concise information within 2-3 sentences for hiring managers to grasp your skills in seconds.  

4. Resume Objective

A supervisor resume objective focuses on defining your ultimate career goal or what you look to achieve in the next role. With a clear career objective, recruiters can determine whether or not you will make contributions to the organization and whether you will fit the position.

Examples of customer service supervisor resume objectives:

  • Motivated customer service supervisor looking to obtain a position at ABC Institution with a desire to improve customer service quality while maximizing staff’s overall performance.
  • Experienced professional searching for the customer service supervisor position at TDC Inc. aiming to promote effective conflict resolutions and customer service training for staff.
  • Seeking to acquire the role as customer service supervisor at YTD Company to utilize management skills while providing excellent practices of conflict resolution in serving customers. 

5. Skills

The skill section is an indispensable part where applicants showcase their ability. Drafting a well-presented supervisor skills resume means a better representation of yourself in the eyes of recruiters. 

Examples of key skills for a supervisor resume:

Soft skills 
Hard skills
Time management 
Attention to detail 
Interpersonal skills
Knowledge of CCTV equipment
Technical skills
HR management 
Training abilities
Risk management 

✅ Pro tip: Skills for a supervisor vary from job to job, so make sure your list matches the job requirements.

6. Work Experience

Work experience is where you provide your working history along with relevant achievements. A coherent working track helps you justify your qualifications for the vacancy.

Example of a working experience section for a supervisor CV:

Assistant to Lead Security Supervisor
Alland Security Agency, NY

  • Assisted Lead Security Supervisor in conducting security audits and training sessions of up to 30 fresh guards.
  • Providing monthly reports of technology equipment surveillance and overall performance of a 20-guard team.
  • Evaluated effectiveness of risk-detecting implementations and security measures.

7. Education

The education section commonly works as a background check for employers to see if you possess any relevant knowledge in the field.

For example, a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management is often preferable when considering a restaurant supervisor resume. 

8. Additional Information

Despite not being required, additional information of any certificate, award, hobby, etc. can be a bonus point to your supervisor resume if there is a certain amount of relevancy to the job.

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5 tips for writing the best supervisor resume

#Tip 1: Customize the resume for the job.

For the fact that a specific vacancy always comes with specific requirements, it’s necessary to tailor your supervisor resume to match the job description.

For example, a security supervisor resume has to cover experiences related to equipment surveillance and security monitoring. 

#Tip 2: Quantify results on resumes.

Achievements in numbers create a more convincing perspective of yourself. Therefore, you should consider adopting numbers and statistics when stating your previous accomplishments in your supervisor resume.

For example, a quantifiable experience as such will gain a more significant volume of credibility: "In charge of up to 25 staffs at peaked hours while ensuring maximized efficiency of their performance."

#Tip 3: Craft an ATS-friendly resume.

Many companies have adopted ATS (Application Tracking System) that use algorithms to sort out applications before proceeding them to recruiters.

By crafting your resume with keywords from the job description, you can make sure that your supervisor resume is ATS-friendly for further assessment.

#Tip 4: Adopt resume action words (verbs).

Verbs express a more convincing and credible manner than other word forms when describing your work experience. Adopting verbs in your supervisor resume is an effective way to strike an impression on the employers.

Some powerful action words for you to include: achieved, attained, amplified, deciphered, capitalized, consolidated, decreased, supervised, led, managed, etc. 

#Tip 5: Present your core competencies.

A supervisor can work across fields for the main roles of overseeing the performance of certain teams, or activities. However, recruiters would prefer someone with a relevant professional in the field to optimize the general operation.

You should make sure to present your core competencies with relevant information across sections in your supervisor resume.

How to write a supervisor cover letter

While supervisor cover letters are sometimes optional, it’s highly recommended to craft one so that employers can get to know you a little more.

Here’s what to include in a cover letter:

  • Contact details
    You should provide your basic contact information in this section, which includes your full name, email address, phone number, and not necessarily your address.
  • Introduction
    Start with a friendly greeting and briefly introduce yourself and the position you’re applying for.
  • Motivation (Intention to apply)
    The motivation part often covers your reasons for applying while demonstrating your thorough understanding of the company. 
  • Qualification
    This is the most important section where you show your compatibility with the position by showcasing your achievements and relevant qualifications. 
  • Closing
    The last part often includes closing remarks with appreciation sent to the hiring manager for spending time assessing your resume. You should also mention if there are any documents attached in your mail for the recruiters to follow up. 

And then, your cover letter for a supervisor position is good to go!

Supervisor Resume Sample

Charles Smith

Production supervisor with 10-year experience in production procedures

Address: Huntley, IL 
Phone: (560) 973 8621
Email: [email protected] 

Professional Summary

Result-driven and skillful Production Supervisor experienced in implementing production procedures and employing practices for increasing efficiency while decreasing operating budgets. Looking to offer advice in structuring operation principles and manufacturing methodologies.

Work Experience

Production Supervisor
EOStic, Holland, MI

  • In charge of projects with an aim to increase production efficiency while managing to cut down operation cost by 20%.
  • Employed efficiency-measure practices, which reduced human resource dislocation by 20%.
  • Overlooked overall performance of operational staff and designed workflows that enhance smooth cooperation between departments.

Warehouse Supervisor
Health & Ecologies, Lake City, MN

  • Supervised and provided operational guidance for a team of 20 in-house staffs. 
  • Ensured the operational flow while maximizing the team’s working efficiency by 15%.
  • Managed 10+ projects, ensuring strict compliance to budget requirements and deadlines.


Wartburg College - Waverly, USA
Class of 2012

Boston College - Chestnut Hill, MA
BA in Business Administration

Class of 2008


Soft skills
Hard skills
Communication skills
Organization skills
Decision making
Technical skills
Project management 
Microsoft Office
IT and numerical skills
Financial planning

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