Top 8 Best Free Job Search Sites in Taiwan to Kickstart Your Career as an Expat (2024-2025 Update)


If you're a foreigner in Taiwan seeking jobs, you must take advantage of these top 9 best job search websites to find the hiring jobs near you in Taiwan.

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Top 8 Best Free Job Search Sites in Taiwan

Job Search Websites in Taiwan

Want to find a job in Taiwan? Here is a list of the most commonly used Taiwanese job search sites:


Cake is one of the fastest-growing talent platforms in Taiwan. Starting as a resume builder, Cake now has more than 7 million users worldwide, offering an all-encompassing solution for both job seekers and employers. From creating an ATS-friendly resume to finding jobs in Taiwan as a foreigner, you can fully utilize Cake to find your jobs upon your arrival.

Why Cake

  • 100% free to use;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Multiple languages support — English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, Spanish, Bahasa Indonesia, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese;
  • Thousands of job vacancies in tech, IT, engineering, semiconductor manufacturing, retail, and HR industries, etc;
  • Transparent salary and company information;
  • Job page tailored for foreigners in Taiwan and other different types of job seekers;
  • Job match recommendation using AI;
  • Job search accuracy due to advanced filter;
  • Easy application with job alert notifications, view and apply for companies with the highest response rate and hottest job openings, connect and chat with employers and hiring managers;
  • Other tools you can utilize for your job search are Resume Builder, Portfolio Maker, AI Cover Letter Generator, Meet—networking platform, and thousands of career-related articles (you can also read about different companies and industry news)


Everyone in Taiwan, as long as they're in their working age, must know 104. It is one of Taiwan's leading job search platforms and is well known for its extensive database of job listings across various industries. 104 has recently added English to its user interface, so if you're a foreigner working, you can now make the most of Taiwan's biggest job platforms.

Why 104

  • Free to use;
  • Apply for jobs and publish resume easily;
  • Jobs categorized for different types of job seekers;
  • Robust job search functionalities - filter to see jobs for students, senior citizens, fresh grads, etc;
  • Online courses to upskill (available in Mandarin Chinese);
  • Salary estimation tools (available in Mandarin Chinese);
  • Comprehensive career resources (available in Mandarin Chinese);
  • Active community to help resolve any career-related questions (available in Mandarin Chinese). is another prominent job search website in Taiwan, providing a wide array of job listings for you to refer to. To fulfill the needs of non-Chinese speakers in Taiwan, also supports the English language on their site; however, the job descriptions are mainly still in Chinese. You can quickly sort jobs by categories and their locations.


  • Free
  • Simple user interface;
  • Jobs categorized for different types of job seekers by industries and locations;
  • Daily job recommendation email to keep you in the loop;
  • The interview process is relatively fast on;
  • Company interview articles.


518 focuses exclusively on the service industry, from retail to food and beverage. Once you enter the website, you'll see many familiar brand names like NET, Sukiya, Bafang Dumplings, McDonalds, Yakult, Seven-Eleven, etc. The site does not support the English language, but if you want to work in the service industry in Taiwan, knowing Mandarin is a must.

Why 518

  • Free
  • Suitable for people looking for jobs in the service industry;
  • Filter by category F&B, cosmetic, delivery, pharmaceutical industry, retail, etc;
  • Access to industry news and career advice resources.


Yourator is a job search platform that focuses on new startups, and its primary users are digital talents. It mentions on its site that Yourator "is for the new generation of workers." So, if you're searching for startup jobs, this is the place for you. When listing on Yourator, all employers are highly encouraged to add their company profiles, missions, values, and workplace culture. This way, job seekers can find employers with values that align with their personal and professional goals.

But do keep in mind that Yourator doesn't currently support the English language, so you better brush up on your Chinese skills.

Why Yourator

  • Free to use
  • Clean user interface;
  • Jobs in the digital industry;
  • There aren't many advertisements placed on the website;
  • Find jobs based on similar values.
  • Resume building tool available upon registration.


Another job search site for you to try out when searching for a job in Taiwan is Yes123. The site has a 24-hour mandatory reply, meaning that if you submit your application, the company must reply within 24 hours (excluding holidays). Same with other job sites, you can search for jobs based on different categories: part-time jobs (打工兼差), jobs in F&B (餐廳微才), jobs for students (學生專區), etc.,.

Note that Yes123 is only available in Chinese.

Why Yes123

  • Free to use
  • Employer's response is almost guaranteed with its policy;
  • Suitable for those who are proficient in Chinese


No matter what country you're in, as long as you're entering the workforce, having a LinkedIn account is almost necessary. Many new-age companies in Taiwan now use LinkedIn to post jobs, so of course, you can benefit greatly from this site when searching for jobs. Although the interface is 100% in English, it's not guaranteed that the JD is also in English.

Why LinkedIn

  • Free and easy to use;
  • 100% English interface;
  • Millions of opportunities spanning across different industries;
  • It is more of a social network; hence, you can directly check the company's profile to understand its culture and digital footprint.


Another international job search site you can avail of when searching for jobs in Taiwan is Indeed, one of the world's largest job search engines. Indeed offers a simple and intuitive search interface, allowing you to easily find opportunities across various industries and locations.

Why Indeed

  • Free and easy-to-use
  • Well-known metasearch job search site
  • Company reviews

💡 Pro Tip: If you can't find a local job in Taiwan, consider options like freelance work. You can use sites like Fiverr and Upwork to find online jobs.

Other Job Search Options to Consider

Why Working in Taiwan?

With a thriving economy, Taiwan is a highly appealing destination for expats, especially those who wish to work in the technology and manufacturing industries. Since the Taiwanese government is actively looking for talents to come and work in Taiwan, there have been multiple benefits for foreigners working in Taiwan.

If you want more specific information about a job than what is found on regular job search sites, consider seeking information from other sources. Here are two sources of information other than online job search sites!

Company website ("Career" section)

You may also find jobs by ditching the job search sites altogether and going straight to the company website! If you know what company you'd like to work for, check out the company website. Taiwan companies usually have available positions listed in a dedicated section of their websites, often found under the "Career" or "Jobs" section.

This method allows you to directly access up-to-date job postings and company-specific information, ensuring you don't miss out on any potential opportunities.

Facebook groups

In Taiwan, many popular Facebook groups are dedicated to helping foreigners find employment throughout the country. While the job listings on these Facebook groups are usually less detailed than those on traditional job search websites, it can be a great place to start! These groups often share real-time job openings, networking opportunities, and community support, making them a valuable resource for expatriates.

Cake also manages its own job board group on Facebook, tailored specifically for foreigners in Taiwan. You can check it out here.

Networking events

Attending networking events can significantly enhance your job search efforts. Taiwan hosts various professional networking events, industry conferences, and job fairs where you can meet potential employers and make valuable connections. These events provide a platform to engage with industry professionals, learn about job openings, and showcase your skills in person. Keep an eye on local event listings, join professional associations, and consider attending both in-person and virtual networking events to expand your reach.

Reach out to your own community

Leveraging your existing community can be a powerful tool in your job search. Inform your friends, family, and professional contacts that you're looking for employment in Taiwan. Personal referrals and recommendations often carry significant weight and can lead to opportunities that might not be advertised publicly. Additionally, joining expatriate communities and local professional groups can provide support, resources, and potential job leads. Don't hesitate to network within your own circles and explore the hidden job market through word-of-mouth and personal connections.

💡 Pro tips: If you are not in Taiwan and wish to go to Taiwan to work, in addition to gaining a job offer, you must also have a Work Permit, a Work Visa, or a Taiwan Residence Permit (ARC) to be eligible for work in Taiwan.


While job hunting may be a tedious and stressful undertaking, online job search sites like CakeResume can greatly simplify the process. Job search sites, both domestic and international, are great at connecting you directly to potential employers and can greatly shorten the time between your application and interview.

If you are a foreigner looking for a job in Taiwan, there is no better place to search than on CakeResume! Our entire job search portal is carefully crafted with foreigners in mind, making it that much easier for you to find a job in the beautiful island of Taiwan!

With Cake, an online resume builder, we provide you with hundreds of free resume templates and various resume format examples that help showcase the best you. Landing your dream job will be a piece of cake!

— Originally written by Alexander Coye —

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