How to Write a Technical Project Manager Resume [Examples and Tips]

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As a technical project manager, you are responsible for ensuring that the project plans are running efficiently, on budget, and on time, without any technical issues. You will lead and supervise the team to stay on track within the scheduled projects. 

Due to both involving management roles of technical projects, a technical program manager is often mistaken as a technical project manager. However, a technical program manager is different due to the focus on managing the people aspect of the project. Hence, a technical project manager resume is different from a technical program manager resume. 

Start working on the application of the role of a technical project manager with a convincing technical project manager resume.

How to write a professional technical project manager resume?

🖋 Step 1: Write an eye-catching resume headline. 

A resume headline is a short description of your talents for employers to learn about your abilities. To make your technical project manager resume headline eye-catching, keep it one lined and capitalize the first letter of each word.

Example Headlines for Technical Project Manager Resume:

  • PMP-Certified Who Coached 25+ Fresh Graduates Entering the IT Team Yearly
  • IT Technical Project Manager with 9+ Years of Experience
  • Technical Project Manager Experienced in SaaS industry

🖋 Step 2: Craft a professional technical project manager resume summary.

A resume summary is a longer description of your strongest features. To make your technical project manager resume summary memorable, keep it concise by writing 2-4 sentences.

Example summaries for Technical Project Manager Resume:

  • Quick-thinking IT technical project manager with 5+ years of experience training our IT team in investigating technical error strategies. Skilled at handling and resolving project inaccuracies and malfunctions.  
  • Agile technical project manager experienced in project initiation, project planning, and project resolution strategies. Skilled at collaborating with different departments to utilize resources to potential. 
  • Vocal technical project manager with 7+ years of experience educating the tech department for risk calculation. Proficient in working with risk management software, such as nTask and Ingegrum. 

🖋 Step 3: Include key skills for your technical project manager resume. 

Being selective about the skills you include in your technical project manager resume can benefit how you present yourself. When you start establishing your skills section, add technical skills plus strong traits.

Examples Skills for a Technical Project Manager Resume:

Hard Skills:

  • Project Planning
  • Risk Calculation
  • Budgeting
  • Resource Management 
  • Contract Management

Soft Skills:

  • Negotiation
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Accountability
  • Problem Solving

🖋 Step 4: Tailor the technical project manager resume to the specific position. 

While the role of a technical project manager is considered a pretty specific position within the project management field, there are many different requirements for each position you choose to apply for. 

For instance, one position might have a focus on POS (point of sale) while another position focuses on SIM (subscriber identity module). You will want to include retail domain knowledge and SIM understanding in your IT technical project manager resume, respectively.   

🖋 Step 5: Proofread your technical project manager resume. 

A well-made technical project manager resume will include a hefty amount of information with some chances of typos. Clean out the mistakes by checking your technical project manager resume.

What is the best format for a technical project manager resume?

A resume format allows you to effectively highlight your strengths in your technical project manager resume. There are three types of resume formats you can use for your technical project manager resume: chronological, functional, hybrid, and targeted. 

  • Chronological resume format:
    • Feature: List work experience in reverse chronological order
    • Recommended for people with years of experiences
  • Functional resume format:
    • Feature: Highlight skill sets instead of experience
    • Recommended for people with limited work experience or fresh graduates
  • Hybrid resume format:
    • Feature: A mix of the chronological and functional formats
    • Recommended for people with extensive experiences and broad skills

Based on your employment situation, select the one that applies to you for the best outcome for your technical project manager resume.

How to create a technical project manager resume template?

Similar to how a technical project manager will assist a team with a well-structured plan for maximum performance, you might want to consider designing an outline for your technical project manager resume. 

Save time and start creating your technical project manager resume template with two different user-friendly platforms:

➡️ Microsoft Office

Glance through the different templates and take note of features or elements you like, such as section, format, layout, and text. Then, start filling in your technical project manager resume template with heading sections, such as contact information, experience, and skills. 

Once you have content written in your technical project manager resume, start formatting with bolding and bullet points to make it reader-friendly. Make sure that the text size (between 10 to 16) and font style are legible.

➡️ Online Resume Builder

Alternatively, online resume builders have various pre-made templates that you can select from and edit on your own. Once you have found the one to your liking, start customizing by adding, removing, and editing different sections to design your technical project manager resume.

Ready to build your technical project manager resume? Use Cake to quickly and easily build a stunning resume for a technical project manager job NOW for free!

Top 10 technical project manager resume dos and don'ts

✅ Dos

  • Tailor the technical project manager resume and include only relevant information.

Make sure your technical project manager resume stays on track with what the employer wants by including information relevant to the technical PM position. 

  • Add quantifiable & measurable achievements.

The more detail you provide in your technical project manager resume, the more likely the employer will be impressed with your strengths. 

💡 Instead of stating “accomplished various projects within a year, leading to high revenue”, transform it to “effectively accomplished 7 projects within a year, resulting in a revenue of $700k”.

  • Optimize your technical project manager resume for ATS.

To create an impressive technical project manager resume, you will want to incorporate keywords specifically from the job description. 

✏️ Examples of keywords for a technical project manager resume: 

  • Scope Management
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Project Implementation
  • Capacity Planning
  • Choose a fitting technical project manager resume format.

Out of the three common resume formats, most technical PMsl often choose the chronological resume. While it is most frequently selected, it might not be the best fit for you. 

Weighing the pros and cons of the formats can help you ensure you have chosen the right one for your technical project manager resume.

  • Use active verbs in your technical project manager resume. 

Whether you start your statements with action verbs or use them as guidance, they help add another layer of enhancement for your technical project manager resume. 

✏️ Examples of active verbs for a technical project manager resume: 

  • Benchmarked
  • Sourced
  • Leveraged 
  • Allocated
  • Navigated

❌ Don’ts

  • Don't mistake a technical project manager resume as a technical project manager CV.

While a technical project manager resume and a technical project manager CV might be used interchangeably, do note the differences between a resume and a CV. 

A resume should be limited to one-to-two pages with a focus on relating to the technical PM role you are applying to. 

  • Don't write a resume objective statement when you can include a resume summary instead. 

Confusing a resume objective as a resume summary can distract you from creating a successful technical project manager resume. A resume objective is different in that the main idea would be on what your career trajectories are. 

  • Don't disclose confidential information about previous employers.

A technical project manager position is considered a high-level role in an organization or business. Prove that you can keep all the business operations and plans confidential by refraining from spilling any private information in your resume for a technical project manager job.   

  • Don't include unnecessary personal details that might lead to discrimination.

Avoid any chances of losing an interview offer due to unnecessary information in your technical project manager resume. Play safe by including just the basics.

  • Don't save your technical project manager resume as a doc file. 

One of the most important things to remember is to save your technical project manager resume as a PDF rather than a word document. 

This way, you can guarantee that your technical project manager resume opens up exactly on the hiring manager’s device.

Technical project manager resume sample

Moe Zo

PM-Certified Technical Project Manager Specializing in Increasing Production Efficiency 

683 Bear St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
[email protected]


Time-efficient technical project manager with 3+ years of experience organizing and maintaining project plans to ensure quality and punctuality. Skilled in project procedures, risk calculations, and budgeting.

Work Experience

Associate Technical Project Manager
Mar 2019 - Present

  • Conduct software quality assurance to ensure stability.
  • Designate project meetings and coordinate weekly PM meetings to collaborate with teams from 4 different departments.
  • Mentored 3 new PMs.

Assistant IT Project Manager
Feb 2018 - Feb 2019

  • Assessed project plans, evaluations, and breakdown structures to ensure consistency.
  • Performed benchmark research to calculate and plan for future project goals.  
  • Assisted PMs in completing 6 various projects successfully within 6 months, maximizing time and budget. 


Hard Skills:

  • Cost Variance
  • Resource Utilization
  • Risk Management
  • Conflict Management 
  • Project Planning 
  • Project Evaluating 
  • Resourcing
  • Budgeting 
  • Scheduling
  • Basecamp

Soft Skills:

  • Committed
  • Decisive 
  • Proactive
  • Responsible
  • Adaptable 
  • Time Management 
  • Organized
  • Problem Solving
  • Detail Oriented
  • Ethical


  • CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) 
  • PMP (Project Management Professional)


M.S. in Project Management
Stevens Institute of Technology
2016 - 2018

  • Project Management Graduate Certified

B.S. in MIS (Management Information Systems)
Stevens Institute of Technology
2012 - 2016

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