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UI (user interface) can make or break a website in a customer’s perception. A UI is the virtual point of contact the user (customer) has with the company.

A good and intuitive UI can make the customers’ browsing journey a seamless one and play a huge role in cementing a good reputation.

A UI designer is a type of visual designer that is responsible for creating the look of a website (the user interface) from the user’s point of view.  

Contrary to popular belief, a UX (user experience) designer differs from a UI designer. A UX designer focuses more on the users’ overall experience with the website and, therefore, is less concerned with the visuals than a UI designer.

Instead, UI designers need to understand analytics and testing interfaces. Remember to keep this in mind when creating your UI designer resume to avoid creating the wrong one!

How to write a great UI designer resume?

Tip 1: Adopt an ATS-friendly Resume Format

Companies implement the use of technology to simplify a lot of their business activities, including hiring. They may implement the use of an ATS (applicant tracking software) that will filter and rank the UI resumes they receive.

To ensure that you pass through this first obstacle, you would want to make sure that you’re adopting an ATS-friendly (i.e., little visuals, adopt keywords) UI designer resume format.

Tip 2: Refer to Online UI Designer Resume Templates and Examples

UI designer resume templates and UI designer resume examples available online are excellent references that you can use when creating your own UI resume.

These examples can guide what to write and what not to write to craft the best resume for yourself; hence, you mustn’t simply copy and paste their contents no matter how applicable it is to your situation.

Tip 3: Tailor Your UI Resume for the Job Position and Use Keywords

It’s common to confuse a UI resume and a UI CV because of their similarities.

Typically, they differ in purpose (resume is used for job searches, CV is used in specific fields, namely in academia, medicine, and science fields) and length and structure (resume: maximum of 2 pages with a variety of templates; CV: simple structure and over 2 pages long).

However, for a user interface designer resume, you can use both terms interchangeably. Still, your UI designer CV should be tailored for every position you apply to.

Different positions may require you to possess different skills and other requirements; tailoring your UI designer resume to include the necessary skills and including keywords from the job ad can greatly help you get noticed by the recruiters.

Reading 600+ Resume Keyword Examples List by Industry & How to Use them to learn more about including keywords in your resume.

Tip 4: Quantify Results on Your UI Resume

Prospective employers would love to hire candidates with proven results in their past work or projects.

The best way to describe and show off your past achievements is through numbers and quantifying results on your UI designer CV; they will look more convincing and apparent than when you describe them in words.

Tip 5: Include Your Portfolio

UI design is a very result-focused field. Thus, your past projects, even the ones you’ve done in school, can help enhance the impact of your UI design resume.

If your projects and designs were done offline (i.e., paper-based), you might want to consider uploading them online (i.e., GitHub, Google Drive) for easier access.

What is a good objective for a UI designer resume?

A question that you would undoubtedly encounter somewhere in your professional career would be, “What is your career objective as a UI designer?”.

Including a resume objective in your UI designer CV is not a requirement per se, but a good one can allow your resume to paint a clearer picture of who you are.

If you decide to include one, your resume objective should highlight your positive traits and goals (ensure that it’s attainable and realistic). Format-wise, you would want to ensure that this portion is kept short and concise.

UI designer resume objective examples:

  • Experienced UI designer seeking to utilize skills in UI prototyping to improve user experience in ABC Corp. 
  • Highly skilled senior-level UI designer seeking to leverage leadership skills and designing skills to help XYZ Inc. improve customers’ online experience.
  • Eager and passionate recent computer science graduate looking to grow my knowledge and skills as a UI designer in XYZ Corp.

How to write a UI designer resume summary?

Even with an ATS to filter out resumes, recruiters may still be overwhelmed by the user interface designer resume they receive.

You can help make their jobs easier by including your UI designer profile summary (or resume summary) that summarizes your UI design resume's content.

Ideally, your UI designer resume summary should be within 1-2 sentences long; you should include a brief introduction about yourself and include a short description of your qualifications, skills, and relevant experiences.

Since every UI design position may not all be the same, your UI designer profile summary may require a bit of tailoring for every position you apply to.

UI designer resume summary examples:

  • Highly skilled senior UI designer with more than 8 years of experience, proficient in Adobe Creative Suites and UI prototyping. Completed over 350 projects with a 94% rate of positive feedback.
  • Detail-oriented freelance UI designer highly proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, Wireframing, and UI prototyping. Has a proven history of completing projects 17% before goals with a 95% satisfaction rate from clients.
  • Highly creative recent computer science graduate, seeking to elevate my skills in UI design as a UI designer in Alanatus Technology. Has been commended by professors and internship mentors for creativity, adaptability, and technical skills.

Use these top UI Designer resume writing tips and stand out! CakeResume provides the best resume templates to help you build an impressive UI Designer resume. You can share it online or download it as a PDF file for free.

What are some great UI designer skills for a resume?

Skills, besides experience, are a great selling point in your user interface designer resume. Thus, this section must be carefully crafted to ensure that it is both professional and delivers a great impact.

Generally, there are 4 ways to list your UI designer skills in a resume:

  • Simple bullet list
    Pros: easy to craft, recruiters can see desired skills quickly
    Cons: doesn’t allow you to elaborate on your skills
  • Expanded bullet list 
    Pros: easy to craft like a simple bullet list, with the bonus of going into details about your skills
    Cons: it is recommended that you stick to 5 skills to avoid going over the page limit
  • Integrated with work experience 
    Pros: allows recruiters to see your definitive proof of competency as your experience backs your skills
    Cons: requires prior experience to be properly utilized, not suitable for UI designer fresher resume
  • Categorized skills section 
    Pros: allows you to categorize and group your skills, making it easier for recruiters to read your resume
    Cons: requires extensive work experience, not suitable for UI designer fresher resume

As with your resume format, remember to carefully go through your list of skills before you stick to a skill resume format. The correct format can improve the overall look and feel of your UI CV, but an unsuitable format can undermine it as well.

Example skills for a UI resume:

Hard Skills

  • UI prototyping
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • CSS
  • HTML

Soft Skills

  • Time-management
  • Communication
  • Creative thinking
  • Detail-oriented
  • Collaboration

How to write a UI designer resume with no experience?

Your first UI designer job might not be easy to come by, but it only takes one yes to open so many doors of opportunities. To ensure that you can get through the first challenge without too many hitches, you would want to ensure that your UI designer fresher resume is carefully crafted.

Advice 1: Choose the Right UI Designer CV Format

An easily overlooked aspect of your UI designer CV, choosing the right resume format that matches your background can greatly enhance its overall impact.

There are 3 UI designer resume formats that you can use: chronological, functional, and hybrid/combination. Be sure to carefully evaluate the job context, your skills, background, achievements, etc., before fully committing to a format.

Advice 2: Adopt a Career Objective For Your UI Resume

As a fresher, you might be worried about your work experience (or lack thereof) section in your UI CV.

You can shift the recruiter’s attention to your career objective in your UI design resume instead; this is your chance to display your passion and enthusiasm and what you can bring to the table. Ensure that your objectives are achievable; highlighting your relevant skills here can also help you impress the recruiters.

Advice 3: Highlight Your Education

As with most jobs, UI design is a specific craft that requires candidates to possess a certain degree of education to be qualified. As a fresher, your education would be one of the most important sections of your UI design resume, as it highlights your formal qualifications (and, to an extent, your skills, and abilities).

Advice 4: Include Your Portfolio/Side Project/Personal Website

Like most graphic designing-related jobs, the occupation of a UI designer is very visual-based. If you happen to have a portfolio of sketches or past work, you should include them in your user interface designer resume.

📍 Your past projects (yes, even school-related ones) can boost your standing as a candidate, even if you have little to no experience.

Advice 5: Write a Sincere UI Designer Cover Letter

Want to increase your chances of your UI designer fresher resume being read by a recruiter?

You should submit a UI cover letter with your resume. Whereas a resume is a space for you to list all your qualifications and to convince the recruiters why you are a fit for the job, a UI design cover letter is where you can elaborate more on your qualifications.

Your UI designer cover letter should be within one page and introduce who you are, explain your relevant skills and experiences, and convey your genuine passion and enthusiasm for the job.

UI designer resume example

Jennifer Perault

Highly Skilled UI Designer with 5+ Years of Experience in UI Prototyping

Mobile: +1-494-456-2235
Email: [email protected]
Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/jenniferperault


Creative, experienced, and detail-oriented UI designer highly proficient in Adobe Creative Suites and UI Prototyping. Seeking to leverage my design and programming skills for the senior UI designer position in Sibyl Technology Inc.

Work Experience

UI Designer | Alpha Inc.

Jan 2016 - Present

  • Completed over 200 projects and received over 95% positive feedback from clients and higher-ups.
  • Created assets for websites ranging from e-commerce websites, booking websites, and online banking websites.
  • Awarded high-achieving UI designer for 3 consecutive years.

UI Designer | Cyrus Tech. Inc

Jan 2013 - Dec 2015

  • Designed mock-up and wireframes of UI layout for use in multiple online shopping websites.
  • Presented design solutions to senior executives, more than half of which were implemented.
  • Worked with multiple departments.


  • UI Prototyping
  • Adobe Creative Suites
  • Wireframing
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Communication
  • Time-Management
  • Multitasking
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Creative Thinking


B.S. in Computer Science | Stanford University

Academic Award: Valedictorian
GPA: 3.98/4.0

2009 – 2013

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