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Whenever you are on social media, be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., with every few scrolls there will be a video that pops up on your screen. According to HubSpot, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool and video is the primary form of media used in content marketing. It's not surprising since our brain responds to images faster than text.

With that said, although a traditional full-text resume is still highly favorable by many employers and necessary to review candidates' qualifications, having a video portfolio will increase your chance to be remembered.

If you're wondering if video portfolios are only for photography or videography-related roles (in the form of a videographer's website or videographer portfolio) we'll say you shouldn't limit yourself. Any of these professions below can benefit greatly from a video reel portfolio:

  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Illustrator
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Producer
  • Content Creator
  • Director
  • Machine Learning or AI Engineers
  • Actors
  • News Anchor/Presenters
  • Models

What Is a Video Portfolio?

A video portfolio is essentially a collection of your best work/projects in a video format. It is a branding tool and also a space to display the body of work of a creative professional.

Regardless of the niche, there are some key components that a video portfolio can't miss. A video portfolio website should at least contain a resume (it can also be in the form of a video resume, like Elle Woods' Harvard entrance essay), past works, links to social media, and contacts. If you have won any awards or your work has been recognized, it's a selling point that can be included in your video portfolio.

There are many mediums to host your video portfolio. Let's dig into where you can create your video reel portfolio.

🎬 Website

A personal video portfolio website is perfect for someone who has been building their brand or is considering starting one. Although they take more time to construct, personal video portfolio sites allow more flexibility, especially for freelancers who need to showcase their individuality.

🎬 Online portfolio

Portfolio services such as Cake, Behance, and Carbonmade provide a great starting point for those who want less hustle in crafting their free video portfolio.

📝 Note: Online portfolio builders offer simplicity in documenting your video portfolio, they are the platform where you upload your videos. Meanwhile, a "portfolio website" is your personal website where you can also embed your video portfolio in.

🎬 YouTube or other video sharing sites

Dedicated to sharing videos, platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion are suitable for showcasing your video reel portfolio. These free video portfolio channels allow your video portfolio to be discovered by more than just potential clients or employers.

🎬 Social media

With the rise of social media usage, Instagram, Facebook, even LinkedIn can be an extension for your online video portfolio. For instance, if you are a videographer who already has a professional videographer website, you can take advantage of your Instagram account to post some other video reel portfolio materials that didn't make it on your website.

How to Make a Video Portfolio

In this article, we will guide you through making, specifically, an online video portfolio. Now, here's what you need to do in order to set up your professional video portfolio.

1. Find your niche.

Deciding on your target audience or your niche can either be the easiest or hardest thing to do. You might be a jack of all trades and can thrive in many industries, but having a specific audience will help you to be noticed faster. 

For instance, if you love weddings and your style encaptures an ethereal and romantic mood, your portfolio as a videographer should focus on wedding ceremonies, pre-wedding events, and wedding receptions. Hence, the wedding industry is your niche.

2. Choose the medium for your video portfolio.

As we explained above, you can choose to host your video portfolio on your own website, such as using a free video portfolio website like WordPress, Wix, etc. You can also make use of online video portfolio services like Cake for free or a paid service like Carbonmade to present your video reel portfolio.

3. Design your online video portfolio page or website.

Your video portfolio design should optimize how the information is consumed by viewers. Aim for easy navigation, high visibility, and conciseness. Put a splash of your personality and style into your video portfolio design.

4. Show off works with different styles and skills that are relevant to the targeted audience.

Carefully select the video reel for your portfolio and show some variety. They can comprise shorts or features for big corporations, non-profits, personal projects, etc. But everything you put on your video portfolio has to be intentional and relevant to your niche, including the skills and services you offer.

5. Upload the videos.

Make sure your demo reels are the correct ones and have high-quality images and sound before uploading them to your video portfolio website. If you resort to a portfolio service maker, check the file restrictions for the online video portfolio first, as they might only accept certain formats or have file size limitations.

6. Include the behind-the-scenes (BTS).

This video production part for your portfolio is important to show potential collaborators or employers how you work and provides some insight on what they can expect from you. Show them how you rig your lighting and equipment, direct the model or subject, frame a shot, and others.

7. Include a CTA and your contact details.

A strong, persuasive call-to-action (CTA) is as vital as your video portfolio content, if not more important. Whoever is watching your video portfolio needs to know what to do next. Provide them with your email, phone number, or ask them to fill out the contact form on your video portfolio website.

8. Make copies.

Copy your video reel portfolio into a flash drive or burn it to a DVD. Taking this extra step as a precautionary action will save you the trouble of not being able to connect to the internet or having a laptop to present your online video portfolio.

Best Websites to Showcase Your Video Portfolio

Since we mentioned there are many amazing platforms where you can build your video portfolio, we've narrowed it down to the 7 best video portfolio websites for you to choose from. Let's take a look!


Cake offers a clean yet comprehensive platform to build a free online video portfolio. It's a 3-in-1 online portfolio service, portfolio-resume combo, and a job search channel that is completely free for registered users.

However, you can't directly upload your video reel to your portfolio on Cake. Your video should already be uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo, for instance, and then you can connect your demo reel to your free video portfolio on Cake.


A simple video portfolio platform, Carbonmande's aesthetic is definitely made for creative creators. Its modern templates and layouts are customizable and you can definitely put your personal style from top to bottom. 

Although Carbonmade offers a free trial, if you want your video portfolio to look professional with HD video and audio, the monthly fee starts at USD 12. The cheapest subscription only provides SD video and audio, probably not the best for your buck if you're planning on creating a superb video portfolio.


The drag-and-drop feature from Wix makes it one of the easiest free website builders. Either selecting from their templates or starting from scratch, the possibility for your video portfolio design is unlimited and left to your imagination. 

The free plan, unfortunately, only provides an assigned URL, limited storage, and bandwidth. If you want to use a personalized URL (for example, your name as the domain) for a more professional-looking video portfolio website, it's only available for Wix's premium subscriptions.


Also a top-runner website builder, Squarespace offers extensive services that can meet your videographer portfolio website needs. They have portfolio templates catered for videographers that can optimize your video portfolio design. 

With Squarespace, they offer a 30-day free trial. But after 30 days, you need to pay to create a video portfolio website (or any website for that matter), and Squarespace doesn't have complete flexibility for their templates.

Vimeo Pro

Vimeo is not only for video sharing. It's also a video making, video editing, and live streaming platform. They have templates for you to choose to create a stunning video portfolio. 

However, call-to-action and Google SEO discoverable features are only available starting from their Business plan, which can be quite pricey, especially for those who are just starting out.


As one of the most popular video hosting platforms, YouTube is free and has unlimited storage. You can upload the highest quality video reel for your portfolio on this platform. 

With its popularity, you can also attract people that aren't necessarily potential clients or employers who can be potential fans and build your branding. But you should also be aware that YouTube can take down your videos at any moment.

So, what is the best website for a video portfolio?

The answer really depends on what your needs are and how much money and time you are willing to invest in creating your video portfolio.

Tips to Create a Video Portfolio

We've covered how you can create a video portfolio. Next, let's dive into the things that will get you seen.

💡 Regularly update your online video portfolio or video portfolio website.

Maintaining your video portfolio is essential to let prospective clients or employers know what your recent projects are. On the flip side, you can also check if your video portfolio is getting enough traffic or if anything should be tweaked.

💡 Compress the video files for a smoother viewing experience.

High-quality files tend to load slower because they consume more storage. You want to make sure that your video reels are compressed so they can be viewed as effortlessly as possible while browsing through your video portfolio.

💡 List the gears and software used during the production.

Giving details on the equipment and tools in the description of your video portfolio will help your future clients or employers gauge your skills and proficiency. Additionally, they would know what kind of output they can expect from you.

💡 Include your favorite projects.

Your favorite project might be something that's fun to work on or something that holds a certain place in your heart. By elaborating on a favorite project on your video portfolio, viewers can understand what your values are.

💡 Include the projects that were challenging for you.

A challenging project demonstrates your determination, which is a great thing to show on your online video portfolio. You can elaborate how you've learned new things by overcoming that challenge, and that could add to your skill sets.

💡 Include the projects that you are most proud of.

You've worked night and day to create exquisite videos. It's only appropriate if you give yourself some credit for your hard work. Giving recognition to the work you're most proud of shows that you are confident in your abilities and ready to tackle what's next!

💡 Shoot your family, friends, or yourself if you don’t have much experience yet.

You can always find inspiration anywhere. As a starting point, you can produce some video reels for your portfolio with the help of your family and friends.

Video Portfolio Examples

online video portfolio
Designer & Animator Online Video Portfolio on Carbonmade by Allen Laseter
online video portfolio
Filmmaker Video Portfolio Website by Salomon Ligthelm
online video portfolio
Film Production Company Website by Zang Films
online video portfolio
Filmmaker, Video Designer, and Stage Director Video Portfolio Website by Khoa Le
online video portfolio
Wedding Photographer and Videographer Website by Gione da Silva
online video portfolio
Motion Designer Video Portfolio Website by Aran Quinn
online video portfolio
Art Director, Animator, and Front End Developer Portfolio on Carbonmade by Mark Russell

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