Work From Home Resume Guide & Ready-To-Use Examples 2024

Work From Home Resume Guide & Ready-To-Use Examples 2024

You may notice the trend of working from home started in 2020 right after the first wave of the pandemic. As a result, the demand for tips and examples of work from home resumes also increased. In the beginning, working remotely was a necessity. Workers had no choice but to stay at home because their office was closed due to Covid-19.

And here comes the turning point. The Pew Research Center found in its February 2022 survey, that 61% of the employees chose to work from home because they wanted to, citing a desire for a better work-life balance as a primary motivator. This shift in the work landscape is not only a trend but a lifestyle choice. 

You can also join this new way of working. Don't worry if you know nothing about making a remote job resume, we are here to guide you with all the necessary information, providing comprehensive insights and practical tips, accompanied by work from home resume samples in this article. Stay tuned!

Work From Home Resume Examples

“How do I list work from home on my resume?” is a common question that arises. Well, we have created a set of examples, providing you with clear and practical guidance on effectively showcasing your remote work experience on resumes.

Example 1

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Example 2

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Example 3

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How to Write a Work From Home Resume?

Now that you know how to craft resumes for work from home jobs, it's time to learn about the essential points that you need to emphasize. Working with foreign companies poses its challenges, particularly during interviews conducted in English, where presenting yourself effectively becomes imperative. Throughout this process, it's essential to highlight your skills, ensuring they stand out

You may be wondering, "What is the best way to put working from home on my resume?" The answer is to effectively showcase your skills. Below, you'll find a list of skills that can significantly enhance your resume. Ensure that all the skills written reflect your strengths so that during an interview, you won’t encounter any challenges in providing thorough and confident explanations for each one.

Time management skills

Working independently, away from your boss, demands a high level of commitment and dedication to get work done on time. For example, it necessitates adapting your work schedule to align with the company's location, even if it's in a different time zone than your own. This adjustment reflects not only your flexibility but also your proactive approach to maintaining efficiency and collaboration despite geographical differences.

Project management skills

This kind of skill demands you to handle the progress of a project given by the company, from initiation to completion. Some of the management skills you can include in your WFH resume are: planning projects, researching, budgeting, tracking and monitoring progress, plus writing and reporting. These skills not only highlight your proficiency but also demonstrate your ability to manage projects comprehensively in a remote work setting.

Workflow management

Workflow management is identifying, organizing, and coordinating specific tasks with specific outcomes. Listing your skills in workflow management is crucial for demonstrating your capability to efficiently organize and manage tasks, effectively showcasing your expertise and proficiency in achieving targeted results.

Productivity management tools

Also known as hard skills, these are the types of skills that can be easily measured. The hard skills you need to master depend on the work you’re doing. If you're a designer, working with tools like Adobe Premiere, Figma, Canva, or CorelDraw is a common requirement.


It may take some time for you to get used to the workflow of a new environment. But a quick adaptation to work from home jobs is necessary, especially since direct communication with co-workers can be limited. This skill is vital to list because it shows potential employers you can thrive in various settings, maintain productivity, and keep connected, even when working remotely.


Lack of experience working from home is not a big deal. Many overseas companies are open to fresh graduates, as long as the candidates are motivated and willing to learn. Listing the willingness to learn and motivation is essential because it highlights your adaptability and openness to new experiences.


Discipline is crucial when you’re working remotely. You need to hold yourself accountable for getting the job done. Always keep in mind that even if there’s no direct supervision, you'll still be judged on Key Performance Index (KPI). It's essential to list discipline as a skill on your resume because it demonstrates your ability to work independently and meet goals without constant oversight.


The first step you need to take before applying for a job is to do some research. Are you familiar with the requirements, and can you manage the responsibilities without constant co-worker support? Answering these questions helps gauge your independence level, a crucial skill employers value.

Decision making

Decision-making is a fundamental skill in any job, especially when you become a leader. When something unpredictable happens, you always have a backup plan ready to implement.

Organizational skills

Manage your energy by working efficiently. Having organizational skills means using a daily schedule to stay on track. This skill is valuable as it contributes to productivity, time management, and the successful completion of tasks.

Communication skills

Remote workers must communicate clearly to save time. Ensure your messages to colleagues are comprehensive. This skill is important to list as it demonstrates your ability to reduce misunderstandings and enhance efficiency when working in a remote work environment, where direct interactions are less frequent.

Remote work tools

There are many tools for remote workers, including Slack, Asana, Zoom, Microsoft Team, and Google Meet. Listing these tools on your resume is essential as it showcases your proficiency with widely used collaboration and communication tools, indicating to employers that you are well-equipped.

Teamwork skills

WFH doesn't mean you work alone. Sometimes, you'll need to work with other team members. Listing teamwork skills is important because it shows you can contribute ideas, solve problems, and provide feedback, making you an effective team player.

Computer skills

Knowing how to use computer software, applications, programs, and tools is very important in today’s digital world. Listing computer skills is crucial in your resume. Make sure to include them to demonstrate your competence as a candidate.

Attention to detail

Even when working from home, maintaining high work standards is important. Concentrate on each task, ensuring everything is done meticulously. Remember to highlight this attention to detail as a valuable skill on your resume.

Analytical skills

The last work from home skills for a resume you'll need is an ability to observe, research, and interpret raw set data and construct it into readable information. If you're working as a social media data analyst, you'll need to monitor the trends and draw timely conclusions about what's happening on the Internet. This proficiency not only showcases your analytical skills but also demonstrates your capacity to derive meaningful insights from complex datasets, adding a valuable dimension to your skill set.

How to Find Work From Home Jobs?

Opportunity doesn’t knock twice! Once you see a job vacancy that fits you, don’t hesitate to apply right away. That's why job seekers need to have a work from home resume and cover letter ready to send at all times! Also, keep in mind that some companies may want you to attach a letter of recommendation from your previous job. So be prepared.

Since the interview is conducted online, it becomes crucial to persuade the interviewers about your skills, as mentioned in the section above. This is particularly significant for fresh graduates or job seekers with no prior experience in remote work, where showcasing soft skills becomes even more pivotal. 

Building a positive self-image using LinkedIn and Social Media can help you present yourself. These platforms can also be used to expand your network and increase the chances of meeting headhunters or clients. So, don’t forget to put LinkedIn in your resume.

Creating a work from home resume with no experience may seem challenging, but it's entirely feasible. All you have to do is keep learning and developing your skills. Explore opportunities in roles with less stringent requirements that we provide below as examples, and consider jobs that align with your skills and interests. You can also check out other work from home jobs that may suit you in this article.

Content Creator

  • Job duties: Create a variety of storytelling and testimonial videos to be distributed through digital platforms.
  • Salaries: The annual wage for this position is around $53,000.
  • Requirements: Be active on social media, know the trends, and be able to edit videos for TikTok and Instagram.

Content Writer

  • Job duties: Responsible for creating engaging and informative content for a variety of platforms. Content writers must stay updated with the trends, conduct a lot of research, and optimize content with SEO strategies.
  • Salaries: The annual pay for this work-from-home position is around $55,000.
  • Requirements: Several companies require the applicants to have a Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, or Communication. But some need a proven portfolio.

Social Media Manager

  • Duties: Manages the growth of social media followers and engagement for specific brands, building compelling narratives to help people connect with the products they sell.
  • Salary: The annual salary for this position is approximately $56,000.
  • Requirements: Strong written and verbal communication skills, and a passion for social media.


  • With many trying to secure a better salary by looking for a job overseas that can be done remotely, the need for work at home resumes remains high.
  • Necessary skills that you should include in your work from home resume are: project management skills, workflow management, productivity management tools, adaptability, self-motivation, discipline, independence, decision making, organizational skills, communication skills, remote work tools, teamwork skills, computer skills, attention to detail, and analytical skills.
  • A lot of job seekers use work from home resumes with no experience samples and manage to get the deal! As long as you have the willingness to learn, companies will give you a chance.

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--- Originally Written by Erika Rizqi Rachmani ---

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