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10-15 años
Account Manager
Avatar of Stephanie Fang.
Avatar of Stephanie Fang.
Senior Sales Specialist @Sharp (Taiwan) Electronics Corporation
2022 ~ Presente
Account Manager
En un plazo de tres meses
Stephanie Fang Assistant Sales Manager Taiwan A proven track record in accelerating sales growth and delivering top services for multinational companies from a variety of industries, such as FMCG, Cosmetic, Aviation, and Property Management, in various regions, such as South East Asia, Taiwan, and Dubai. -Growing new incremental business from $0 to US$1.5M -Expanding existing revenue stream 13+% to total $5M -Chairman Employee Star Recognitions and Top Sales Performance Awards Working Experiences Sharp (Taiwan) Electronics Corporation (Global Electronic Brand) Assistant Sales Manager and Operation FebPresent Reporting to COO and Director with responsibilities for eCommerce, B2C/B2B development, enterprise account revenue, and growth strategies that are aligned with objectives. -Successfully generate incremental sales to increase overall revenue by 15% with new product line -Facilitate cross-departments collaboration and strengthen team works to drive growth strategies -Developed and executed sales strategies that focus on channel expansion and new segments reach with Mitsukoshi, ELLE, TuanTuan, Shopee, POYA, PChome etc -Manage direct key account solution selling which increased order revenue to 400millionNT -Transformed and simplified sales operation process for order management -Lead and champion go-to-market initiatives for Sharp Face Shield Technology that expanded reseller and enterprise accounts. Emirates Airline (Fortune Global 500) Cabin Crew OctSepManaging overall service flow, scheduling, and assigning job responsibility to a team of 7 crews. -As galley, provided leadership and dispatching jobs to a team of 7 staffs to achieve service level -Responsible of selling duty-free commercial goods and reaching the sales target -Received 30+ positive review / feedback cards -Excellent communication and collaboration skills to resolve service issues -Ability to work under pressure during emergencies CHAN EL (Renown Global Fashion Brand) Sales JanSepReaching sales target and contributing to #1 Highest Revenue Chanel Boutique Store in Singapore -Frequently reach sales target of +150,000SGD per month -Work with the marketing department and Boutique team in related events -Creating and implementing a visual merchandising design strategy for attractive store display Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporatio n (THSR) - Transportation Operational Management Specialist SepJanIntegrate operational requirements for station design concept deployment -Ensure that all proje...
Microsoft Office
Cross Functional Communications
A tiempo completo / Interesado en trabajar a distancia
10-15 años
Chung Yuan Christian University
International Trade
Avatar of Sky Lee.
Account Manager
En un año
李天任 Sky Lee Relative Experience: +10 Years of technology related experience +7 Years Sales experience +3 Years Business Development on IPC +3 Years Product Marketing Management experience 具有五年的資訊系統工程師背景,七年以上的業務資歷,現任元件通路商之事業發展副理,兼具工程知識背景及實務溝通能力,期望自己成為國際型的專才,為貴公司的營收、與支持盡最大的努力。 Sales / Account Manager 台北市,TW [email protected] 經歷 經歷一,Business Development Manager/聯強國際股份有限公司, 2015年1月 - 至今 產品線: Microsoft IoT OS, Microsoft Azure IoT Cloud Solution Provider, WWAN Module for PC & M2M, WLAN & BT Module, ASUS Mother Board for IPC Field, - 與IPC OEM夥伴合作設計Microsoft解決方案 - 深耕無線通訊技術與IoT市場 - 產品線代理評估及洽談 - 制定市場發展戰略 - 溝通協調跨部門問題 - 推動專案執行、管理、問題追蹤及解決 - Microsoft Revenue YoY Growth 18%; - WWAN module Revenue YoY Growth 95%; 經歷二,專案業務負責人/寧波長陽科技有限公司,2013 年 3 月年 11 月 主要營業項目: 光學膜片銷售 主要職掌: - 新客戶開發 • 執行參展規劃,成功拓展深圳、東莞、廣州地區新業務30% • 組織深圳銷售團隊,拓展華南地區業務,為公司提升了20%的營業額 - 夥伴結盟 • 下游模組廠垂直結盟以加快渠道鋪路 • 與台灣光學膜大廠戰略合作,創造共贏局面 經歷三,系統工程師/富士康科技集團,2007 年 9 月年 2 月 - 系統分析與設計 - 進銷存系統開發及維護 - 使用者資訊系統問題處理窗口 - 萬馬奔騰計畫資訊系統培訓講師 - 蘋果零售店營運系統專案經理人 學歷 中原大學 資訊管理學系,2002 年 9 月年 6 月
Sales & Customer Service
Account Management
A tiempo completo / Interesado en trabajar a distancia
10-15 años

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Ability to coach, guide, and inspire a team to achieve a shared goal or outcome effectively.