【TW】Senior Human Resources Generalist - People team 資深人資專員

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Job Description

About Us:

We are a dynamic and innovative company committed to fostering a vibrant and inclusive workplace culture. As a People Generalist, you will play a pivotal role in shaping our organization’s culture, enhancing employee engagement, and ensuring smooth operations through effective onboarding and administrative support.Key Responsibilities:

Onboarding & Culture Development (30%)

  1. Conduct comprehensive onboarding training sessions for new hires to ensure seamless integration into the company culture and their respective roles.
  2. Provide personalized 1-1 support for new hires, addressing any questions or concerns and facilitating a smooth transition into their roles.
  3. Develop and implement recognition programs to celebrate employee achievements and foster a culture of appreciation.
  4. Organize and facilitate new hire culture workshops to familiarize employees with our values, mission, and expectations.

Employee Engagement (50%)

  1. Execute benefit policies effectively, including managing initiatives such as massage sessions, learning, and sports subsidies, snack provisions, etc., to enhance employee well-being and satisfaction.
  2. Plan and organize engaging activities and events (e.g., Spring party, happy hour gatherings, CEO Lunches, sports days, etc.) to promote team bonding and strengthen the sense of belonging within the organization.

Other Administrative Tasks (20%)

  1. Manage various tools and platforms used within the organization, including Google accounts, Notion, Slack, shared folders, and access permissions, ensuring smooth functioning and accessibility for all employees.
  2. Ensure compliance with relevant policies and regulations, staying updated on legal requirements and implementing necessary measures to maintain adherence.



  • Proven experience in HR or related roles, with a focus on employee engagement and culture development preferred.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to build rapport and establish positive relationships at all levels of the organization.
  • Detail-oriented with excellent organizational and time management abilities.
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment and adapt to changing priorities seamlessly.
  • Fluent in English and other language is a plus.


  • Experience in cross-country company
  • Experience in building and implementing Business Unit (BU) structures.
  • Learning and development experience in startup

Interview process

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3 years of experience required
800,000 ~ 1,200,000 TWD / year
Managing 1-5 staff
Partial Remote Work
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Logo of 漸強實驗室 Crescendo Lab Ltd..

About us

漸強實驗室成立於 2017 年,致力於開發與應用 MarTech 行銷科技,相信科技與數據能放大對話價值,幫助企業與品牌數位轉型與精準行銷,創造美好顧客體驗。漸強投資於科技與數據,相信科技與數據能提升廣告和訊息推播的效率,也相信以 Data 為中心的 Martech (Marketing Technology) 是最近十年來最蓬勃的數位廣告科技趨勢。

我們結合 AI 與行銷自動化等應用,開發兩大產品:

  • 全方位行銷平台 MAAC(Messaging Analytics Automation Cloud)
  • 對話式互動平台 CAAC(Conversation Analytics Automation Cloud)

漸強深耕 LINE 官方帳號,獲 LINE 官方帳號唯一金級技術夥伴認證,並擴及 SMS 簡訊等多渠道,提供行銷、客服、銷售三大面向解決方案。
我們也跨足台灣、日本、泰國市場,旗下客戶橫跨電商、零售、媒體、汽車、醫藥、餐飲、金融、政府等多元產業,至今服務超過 500 間品牌,包括 IKEA、樂天市場、PChome、星巴克、H&M、GAP 等。

Crescendo Lab was established in 2017 with a commitment to developing and applying MarTech marketing technology. We believe in amplifying the value of conversations through the use of technology and data, helping businesses and brands undergo digital transformation and precision marketing to create exceptional customer experiences.Crescendo Lab Ltd. is a technology and data-driven company dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of advertising and message dissemination. We believe that data-driven marketing technology(Martech) is the most vibrant digital advertising technology trend in the last decade.We integrate AI and marketing automation to create two flagship products:Messaging Analytics Automation Cloud (MAAC) - a comprehensive marketing platform.
Conversation Analytics Automation Cloud (CAAC) - an interactive platform for dialogues.Crescendo Lab specializes in LINE Official Accounts, holding the only Gold-level certification as LINE's exclusive tech and solution partner. Our reach extends to multiple channels, including SMS, offering solutions in marketing, customer service, and sales.We have a presence in diverse markets such as Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand, serving over 500 brands across various industries, including e-commerce, retail, media, automotive, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, finance, and government. Our clientele includes renowned brands such as IKEA, Rakuten, PChome, Starbucks, H&M, and GAP.


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People Generalist
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People team intern



Mid-Senior level
1.2M ~ 2M TWD / year

Entry level
200 ~ 200 TWD / hour