カスタマーサクセスマネージャー (Sr.) Customer Success Manager, Japan

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Job Description

Crescendo Lab Ltd. was founded in 2017 in Taiwan with the belief that MarTech would be the biggest trend in digital ads technology in the next ten years. We devoted ourselves to proving that the communication app LINE can be an ideal SaaS data analytics platform with API infrastructure. Now we are the only gold-level technical partner of LINE Taiwan.

Our main product MAAC (Messaging Analytics & Automation Cloud ) offers data analysis support and automatic marketing technologies to over 400 brands in Taiwan from industries throughout the e-commerce, retail, media, and financial fields. With our technical solution, enterprises can enhance clients' lifetime value by building a better customer experience via LINE.

We are just now entering the Japanese market. We are currently building a team in Japan and are looking for a CSM who will be a key part of the business. This CSM will be the first CSM and will be expected to be aware of being one of the core members of the Japan team and to launch a high-performing CS team.


Customer Success Managers (CSM) take ownership of Crescendo Lab's close-long term customer relationships and the highest possible satisfaction which we value very much. As a CSM, you will collaborate with different functional teams to make sure customer needs are met and problems are solved effectively. You are responsible for the day-to-day management to ensure customer onboarding, retention, renewal, and upsell success. CSMs also need to understand customer business needs, maximize product adoption across all accounts, bring the latest product features as well as know-how to customers, and serve as trusted advisors.



当社の主力製品であるMAAC(Messaging Analytics & Automation Cloud)は、台湾のEコマース、小売、メディア、金融など400以上のブランドにデータ分析サポートと自動マーケティング技術を提供しています。当社のソリューションにより、企業はLINEを通じてより良い顧客体験を構築することで、顧客のLTVを向上させることができます。




As the first Customer Success Manager in Japan, you will lead our first important clients to success and build the necessary internal structure for CS operations.

  • Provide effective onboarding for new customers.
  • Support customers when they have any issues or questions while using our products.
  • Perform service delivery and first-line technical support for the product implementation.
  • Build strong customer relationship management for all assigned accounts.
  • Become an expert on our products and ensure customers are leveraging effectively and finding value in our products and services.
  • Maintain a revenue base by renewal, which keeps the recurring revenue.
  • Drive business growth by upselling, expansion, and upgrades. Increase the lifetime value (LTV) of our customers.
  • Work closely with Sales, Marketing, Finance, Product, and Engineering teams to ensure an exceptional customer experience and take care of any customer issues.
  • Collect and understand customer feedback and reporting requests to product and engineering teams.
  • Develop with teams to continually improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of our service processes.



  • 新規顧客に対する効果的なオンボーディングの提供
  • 製品の使用中に問題や質問がある場合のサポート
  • 製品導入時のサービスデリバリーと第一線のテクニカルサポート
  • 担当するすべてのアカウントに対して、強固なカスタマーリレーションシップ構築
  • 製品のエキスパートとなり、お客様が製品・サービスを効果的に活用し、価値を見出せるように支援
  • 契約更新により強固な収益基盤を確保
  • セールス、マーケティング、ファイナンス、プロダクト、エンジニアリングの各チームと密接に連携し、顧客に関するあらゆる問題に対処できる優れたカスタマーエクスペリエンスを実現
  • お客様からのフィードバックを収集・理解し、製品チームやエンジニアリングチームに要望を報告
  • チームと協力しサービスプロセスの品質、有効性、効率性を継続的に改善


Required Qualifications

  • 3+ years of experience in the Software Industry in a customer support/success role
  • Ability to identify requirements before the customer does and respond quickly
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to convey effectively technical information to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Fast learner, interested in Mar-tech, branding, marketing, and data
  • Self-motivated, responsible, and a team player
  • Native / Bilingual Proficiency in Japanese
  • Working proficiency in English (Only use Internally)


  • ソフトウェア業界において3年以上のカスタマーサポート/サクセスの経験
  • 顧客より先に要件を特定し、迅速に対応する能力
  • 優れたコミュニケーション能力と、技術的および非技術的なお客様の両方に製品情報をわかりやすく伝える能力
  • MarTech、LINEビジネス、マーケティング、データ活用に興味があり、学習意欲の高い方
  • 自発的で責任感があり、チームプレイができる方
  • 日本語が母国語であること
  • 英語または中国語での会話レベル以上の能力(社内のみ使用)

Preferred Qualification

  • Knowledge in digital marketing and data analytics (e.g. LINE, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, CRM, CDP, MA … etc.), LINE OA knowledge, or high curiosity
  • Ability to manage customer relationships and engage with stakeholders at all levels of the organization to build and grow long-term business relationships
  • Ability to establish cooperation and collaboration among members of cross-functional teams and organizations, internally and externally
  • Excellent multitasking and project management skills
  • Fluency in Mandarin is a plus


  • デジタルマーケティングやデータ分析の知識(LINE、Google Analytics、Facebook Ads、CRM、CDP、MA・・・など)、LINE公式アカウントやLINE関連の知識、または高い好奇心をお持ちの方
  • チームや部門を0から立ち上げた経験や好奇心
  • スタートアップやベンチャーの職場環境での経験や好奇心
  • 中国語が堪能であれば尚可

Interview process

3 years of experience required
6,000,000 ~ 10,000,000 JPY / year
Optional Remote Work
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Logo of 漸強實驗室 Crescendo Lab Ltd..

About us

漸強實驗室成立於 2017 年,致力於開發與應用 MarTech 行銷科技,相信科技與數據能放大對話價值,幫助企業與品牌數位轉型與精準行銷,創造美好顧客體驗。漸強投資於科技與數據,相信科技與數據能提升廣告和訊息推播的效率,也相信以 Data 為中心的 Martech (Marketing Technology) 是最近十年來最蓬勃的數位廣告科技趨勢。

我們結合 AI 與行銷自動化等應用,開發兩大產品:

  • 全方位行銷平台 MAAC(Messaging Analytics Automation Cloud)
  • 對話式互動平台 CAAC(Conversation Analytics Automation Cloud)

漸強深耕 LINE 官方帳號,獲 LINE 官方帳號唯一金級技術夥伴認證,並擴及 SMS 簡訊等多渠道,提供行銷、客服、銷售三大面向解決方案。
我們也跨足台灣、日本、泰國市場,旗下客戶橫跨電商、零售、媒體、汽車、醫藥、餐飲、金融、政府等多元產業,至今服務超過 500 間品牌,包括 IKEA、樂天市場、PChome、星巴克、H&M、GAP 等。

Crescendo Lab was established in 2017 with a commitment to developing and applying MarTech marketing technology. We believe in amplifying the value of conversations through the use of technology and data, helping businesses and brands undergo digital transformation and precision marketing to create exceptional customer experiences.Crescendo Lab Ltd. is a technology and data-driven company dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of advertising and message dissemination. We believe that data-driven marketing technology(Martech) is the most vibrant digital advertising technology trend in the last decade.We integrate AI and marketing automation to create two flagship products:Messaging Analytics Automation Cloud (MAAC) - a comprehensive marketing platform.
Conversation Analytics Automation Cloud (CAAC) - an interactive platform for dialogues.Crescendo Lab specializes in LINE Official Accounts, holding the only Gold-level certification as LINE's exclusive tech and solution partner. Our reach extends to multiple channels, including SMS, offering solutions in marketing, customer service, and sales.We have a presence in diverse markets such as Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand, serving over 500 brands across various industries, including e-commerce, retail, media, automotive, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, finance, and government. Our clientele includes renowned brands such as IKEA, Rakuten, PChome, Starbucks, H&M, and GAP.


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40K ~ 75K TWD / month

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8M ~ 11M JPY / year

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1.3M ~ 1.7M TWD / year