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Logo of CloudMile 萬里雲.
About CloudMile. 英屬開曼群島商萬里雲互聯股份有限公司台灣分公司 CloudMile, a leading AI and cloud technology company in Asia, focuses on digital transformation for its corporate clients and driving growth. Leveraging machine learning and big data analysis, CloudMile assists over 400 clients corporates with business forecasts and industrial upgrades. CloudMile has earned 120+ accreditations, with 60+ Google Cloud professional certifications. Being the Premier Partner
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Logo of Cake.
Cake is an international talent platform that provides a world's top online resume building tool and brings global opportunities to talent in the digital age. Since launching in May 2016 in Silicon Valley, we now manage over 6M talent profiles & 7K company profiles on Cake. Innovative companies like Amazon, Google, IBM, Nvidia, TSMC, as well as leading brands of all kinds including L'Oréal, P&G, and many more are working intensively with Cake for better talent engagement. We
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Business Development - Management Associate Program (Welcome Fresh Graduate)Senior Recruitment Consultant (資深人才招募顧問)Associate Recruitment Consultant (人才招募顧問)Recruitment Consultant Intern — 人才招募顧問實習生 (提供轉正職機會)Recruitment Consultant (人才招募顧問)Social Media Marketing Specialist / 社群行銷專員Lead Development Associate, Business Development (Welcome Fresh Graduate)Business Development Associate, Indonesia (Competent English/Indonesian required)Business Development Associate, Vietnam (Competent English/Vietnamese required)Business Development Representative (Competent English ability required)SEO 內容行銷實習生 / SEO Content Marketing InternBusiness Development Intern — Malaysia Market(轉正機會)Assistant Manager/Manager of Recruitment ConsultantAssistant Manager/Manager of Business Development, APAC (Competent English ability required)Recruitment Consultant (S/M)【身心障礙人才招募專區】前台接待與行政人員Business Development Associate, Malaysia Market 僑生專區 (ENG ability required / Welcome fresh graduate)社群行銷實習生 / Social Media Marketing InternVideo Editor / 影音剪輯Business Operation & Marketing Intern - Malaysia Market (轉正機會)[Vietnam] Marketing Specialist[Indonesia] Recruitment Consultant (A/S/M)招募顧問Frontend Engineer (React)Business Operations & Marketing Intern - Indonesia Market[Indonesia] Content Marketing Specialist[Indonesia] Content Marketing SpecialistSenior Frontend Engineer / 資深前端工程師Account Executive / Associate Account Executive 商務專案行銷企劃Sales Coordinator 業務助理(電銷人才媒合)
Logo of 新加坡商希達數位有限公司.
At Cedars Digital, we're pioneering the future of enterprise sustainability. Our rapid growth trajectory is fueled by a bold mission: empowering companies to achieve their net zero targets through our AI-driven carbon management service. Our core product harnesses the power of AI algorithms and big data analysis to provide an efficient solution. We enable companies to accurately measure, transparently report, and effectively reduce their environmental impact. Additionally, our platform equips them to seamlessly adapt to evolving global carbon
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Logo of Zerologix_零輯台灣科技股份有限公司.
【採用Microsoft Teams視訊面試,少部分職缺例外】 本公司為澳洲商Zerologix 100%投資,並於2021年在台灣設立公司,成立研發新團隊並擴展行銷、金融數位媒體等新業務範疇。 Zerologix 總部成立於2016年,是一家位於澳洲雪梨的
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Logo of 創輝科技有限公司.
創輝科技有限公司 專注在軟體資訊平台開發, 依照客戶需求來完成自身對軟體技術的成就與使命, 我們聚集熱愛技術的狂熱分子,一起打造屬於軟體世界的宇宙。 擁有技術狂熱的您還在想該去
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Logo of BQool 葳騰科技股份有限公司.
葳騰科技 (BQool Inc.) BQool,誕生於2011年,是一家以AI人工技術為核心的SaaS公司,專注為客戶提供優越的業務決策支援。我們引以為傲的解決方案主要服務美國、歐洲、及中國市場,支援全球超過39個國家的跨
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Logo of 藍星球資訊股份有限公司.
公司簡介 藍星球資訊是以華語文資料探勘為核心技術發展的科技公司。透過中文大數據分析應用以及視覺化圖表展示,提供輿情分析、開放資料、數位典藏、資料治理等解決方案,幫助客戶掌握關
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Logo of Mlytics 摩速科技有限公司.
Founded in 2017, mlytics is a startup aiming to build a more reliable, faster, and safer internet world with options and transparency. With our rapid growth speed we now reached an employee number of more than 60 and we are still expanding ! mlytics is a diverse team of experts with a broad range of backgrounds and experiences who are not afraid to ask tough questions. You could help build our platform with the brightest people, discuss the design with the
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Logo of 快一點_點點全球股份有限公司.
快一點是台灣最大的線上點餐平台,我們提供LINE點餐、線上點餐、掃碼點餐、店家商用WiFi上網、多通路雲端接單...等服務,協助傳統餐飲門市數位轉型,提高營運效率,更聰明的經營餐廳。 我們專注於開發
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