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Logo of Plan b Inc..
Plan b Inc. 是一間以永續發展 (Sustainable Development, SD) 為思維模式的企劃顧問公司。多年來協助世界各地不同產業的客戶,提供各類型的解決方案。旗下分為以服務企劃為主的 Plan b 與空間企劃為主的 Plan c。
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台北市玉門街一號 CIT
Logo of 邁勢管理顧問股份有限公司.
邁勢管顧是中小企業的管理顧問,提供效益高且可負擔的數位策略與戰略諮詢服務。協助您掌握好用且可負擔的SaaS與AI技術以達成創新轉型,且以高階戰略制定來達成經營目標。 邁勢管顧服務
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Logo of Leafer Circular Design 綠盒循環設計.
we work with businesses to strategically optimize their products, processes, and services 🟢 let's photosynthesize!
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No. 1, Changrong Rd Section 5, North District, Tainan City, Taiwan
Logo of 俥易科技股份有限公司.
Balius is an advisory firm that provides cross-border advisory services including financial, technical, and trade-related advisory services on behalf of corporate clients including inbound and outbound cross-border business transactions and activities. We specialize in bridging Taiwan and ASEAN markets with a focus on electrification, government-related projects, healthcare, and clean technology.
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台灣台北市大安區仁愛路三段28號9 樓 之 2
Logo of 共享生活有限公司.
共享生活 品牌盈利顧問 Lifebrander.TW Consultancy |品牌市場定位|數位行銷策略| |品牌特色規劃|社群整合行銷| 2023年|食品大廠轉型BtoC全新國際品牌,從台灣到中國開創新話題 『KOOBESTAR』臺灣食品大廠轉型BtoC全新國際品牌,攻
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Logo of DRIVE.
DRIVE is the innovation office of the Far Eastern Group, leading conglomerate with 70+ years of experience across 10 diverse industries, comprising 247 companies (10 publicly listed), and 60,000+ global employees. The Group has total assets exceeding US$100 billion and annual revenue surpassing US$24 billion. At DRIVE, we're more than a team; we're a community of visionaries, thinkers, and doers united by our passion for pushing boundaries and solving complex challenges. With a culture rooted in openness
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16F, No. 207, Section 2, Dunhua South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City 106 Taiwan
Logo of 創盟顧問有限公司.
創盟顧問有限公司 是一家專注於特定工廠輔導的企業,我們的主要業務領域包括地目變更、建築水利搭排,以及廢污水或貯留清運計畫等專業服務。我們的專家團隊擁有豐富的行業知識和豐富
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Logo of Xelay Acumen Group 世銳顧問有限公司.
Xelay Acumen Taipei, Inc. is a strategy and management consulting firm serving biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and healthcare provider clients. Our engagements focus exclusively on high value-add for our clients’ most critically important issues and challenges. Xelay Acumen strives to be the leading healthcare strategy and management consulting firm focused on enabling distinctive success for innovative products that matter. We deliver extraordinary results for our healthcare clients by attracting and developing talented high potential team members. At Xelay Acumen, our people
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Logo of PT Penjuru Bisnis Indonesia.
MAXIMUM LIFE GROUP merupakan perusahaan yang bergerak dibidang Konsultan Manajemen dan Training, membantu menyelesaikan permasalahan yang terjadi pada perusahaan dari sisi manajemen maupun penjualan membantu proses set up company dari awal hingga dapat mandiri dan grow up, dan memberikan pelatihan Training guna meningkatkan skill dalam perusahaan, organisasi, lembaga, maupun pendidikan.
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Jl. Cempedak I No.11, Peterongan, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia
Logo of IBBA.
最懂品牌的科技人,最懂科技的品牌人。 IBBA全名為”INFINITE BOUNDARY BRANDING AGENCY”是台灣首間具有科技、創投、行銷、品牌、設計的全面品牌/電商/企業加速器。 我們有三個核心價值: 科技:以科技的背景和技術,搭建規模化且可
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