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Mar 24th 2023

5 mẫu đơn xin nghỉ thai sản chuẩn quy định công ty

Được tạo bởi CakeResume Hãy cùng tìm hiểu: Mẫu đơn xin nghỉ thai sản Mẫu đơn xin nghỉ dưỡng sức sau sinh Lưu ý khi chuẩn bị đơn xin nghỉ thai sản Tại Điều 34 Luật BHXH 2014, tổng thời gian nghỉ việc hưởng chế độ thai sản được quy định đối với lao động nữ sinh con là 06 tháng. Để hưởng chế độ thai sản trước khi sinh, bạn phải làm đơn xin nghỉ thai sản trước ngày

職涯專訪》從工程師到跨國雲端業務-大中華區 Salesforce 的職涯之旅 | Bruce - Regional Platform Lead at Salesforce

Bruce 畢業於交大資工,擁有技術背景,卻在大學時期選擇了少數人的職涯道路,從工程師轉職為雲端業務,2014 年,踏入當時剛起步的雲端產業,常常需要向客戶介紹全新陌生的概念。Bruce 的職涯路上,從電

中國信託如何讓保守的金融業夠不一樣?MA Program 10 大組別創造不凡職涯

你有多久沒有進銀行了?有多久沒用過 ATM 了?從 Bank 1.0(1580 年近代銀行的誕生)、Bank 2.0(1967 年第一台 ATM 問世)、Bank 3.0(2013 年銀行全通路趨勢的開展)到如今的 Bank 4.0:打破既往常規、利用科技協助金融服務
Career Development
Apr 6th 2022

Work Efficiently Under Pressure: How-to & Tips

Created by CakeResume In this article, you will learn: What Does Working Under Pressure Mean? Why You Should Build the Ability to Work Under Pressure How to Work Under Pressure: Our Tips Do you feel like you're constantly under pressure to perform at your best? You're not alone. In 2019, 94% of American workers report experiencing stress at their workplace, according to Wrike’s United States stress statistics , with 23% of them describing their workplace stress level as

你今天 Spotify 了嗎?先來聽聽產品經理 Ashley 在瑞典總部的新鮮事

因為網路與行動裝置的逐漸普及,越來越多服務及娛樂都開始線上、電子化。音樂串流平台佔整個音樂產業的收入,以美國為例,從 2009 年的 5%,到 2019 年高達 80%。全球用戶數最多的音樂串流平台 Spotify 2006 年
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May 20th 2021


遠距工作 10 大求職管道整理 👉🏻 遠端工作哪裡找?熱門職缺 & 10 大遠距工作求職管道都在這裡! 遠端工作在國外相當常見,知名電腦大廠 Dell 曾在 2017 年針對內部的調查,發現近 58% 的員工每週至少有

Secretary Resume Examples [+ Cover Letter Tips]

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to write a secretary resume? What to put on a resume for a secretary? Tips for writing the best personal assistant resume How to write a secretary cover letter? Secretary resume sample According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, although the demand for secretary talents (also called “personal assistant”) has declined gradually since 2019 due to the growth of personal assistant apps and technology, there are still a considerable number of secretary
Job Search Tips
Aug 20th 2020

5 Ways to Build an Unstoppable Personal Brand

What’s the impression that others have after an interaction with you? That’s personal branding. Think of it as your own personal calling card, your trademark. In an ever-evolving workplace where competition is fierce, it’s why people will want to work with you, hire you, hear your ideas, support you. Here are five expert-approved tips for branding yourself in 2016. 1. Put Pen to Paper Now is the time to sit down and figure out what

邂逅荷蘭、誕生台灣、勇闖海外!專訪 FunNow 創辦人 T.K.,直擊混血團隊的 200% 戰略佈局

閒來無事的假日,想要好好放鬆,便一時興起了按摩的念頭;平日晚上,臨時約朋友小酌聊八卦......,如果沒有提前計畫,這些「臨時起意」能夠順利成真嗎? 成立於 2015 年的 FunNow ,便提供「超晚鳥預訂」的服務,用戶在

專訪 Teach for Taiwan 為台灣而教創辦人劉安婷,描繪自己真正渴望的職涯風景

「你拿幸運做什麼?」 如果你本身有在關注台灣教育不平等的議題,相信你對這句話一定不陌生。這句話來自非營利組織「為台灣而教 Teach For Taiwan (TFT)」的創辦人劉安婷 2016 年在成大畢業典禮的演講,他以自

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