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Apr 11th 2024

Discover Your Path with the 7 Steps of Career Planning Process

s context of rapid change and development. To the landscape of the professional world, strategic career planning has become the compass guiding individuals toward meaningful and fulfilling work experiences. Today, we will delve into the key aspects of effective career planning, offering insights and practical advice to empower employees in charting their course toward professional success and personal satisfaction. TABLE OF CONTENTS What is Career Planning? 7 Steps of the Career Planning Process Conclusion What is Career Planning? Career planning
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May 9th 2024

How to Write a Financial Advisor Resume: Latest Examples, Templates and Formats

advisors is very extensive and diverse . It is the middle and upper classes of society who often seek the services of financial advisors; hence, financial advisors provide a range of services, including: Investment advice Debt management Budget assistance College saving planning Retirement planning Estate planning Long-term healthcare and insurance guidance Tax planning As a financial advisor, your role involves posing a series of questions to assess and manage finances effectively. This step allows you to gain insights into the
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May 10th 2022

Easiest Way to Write a Resignation Letter (+Sample Emails)

Resigning is a big move and when you must send your resignation message to your boss, you’ll want to do it right. Whether you are writing a resignation letter due to a family reason, landing a new job, taking a sabbatical, or simply no longer wanting to work at your current company, a resignation letter or so-call “quit jobs’ letter” is essential in wrapping up your time at your current workplace. Thinking of what to include and who
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Mar 22nd 2024

10 Best Work from Home Jobs in Singapore [+ Where to Find Them]

10 Best Work from Home Jobs in Singapore Remember the good old days when your boss would let you work from home (because there was a pandemic raging somewhere outside)? Turns out the good times are still rolling because remote jobs are in and here to stay. During the pandemic, we saw an exponential increase in the number of companies, and countries, turning their focus to remote work or WFH jobs (Work From Home jobs), and the Lion City was
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May 28th 2024

Math Teacher Resume Writing Guides: Templates, Examples, Tips (With/Without Experience)

in every student 💡 Pro Tip: You can use this resume headline in your LinkedIn or CakeResume bio to catch the attention of a recruiter. Career Objectives Whereas a resume headline will include the highlights of your teaching experience, a career objective focuses on your teaching career goals. Two to three lines should be enough however a small paragraph or a few bullet points are also acceptable. Your career objective can replace the resume headline if repetitive and it should
Career Planning
Mar 6th 2024

Living and Working in Malaysia Guide for Expats | 2024 Guide

in Malaysia depends on individual preferences and long-term plans. Renting provides flexibility and eliminates the responsibility of property maintenance, making it ideal for short-term stays. On the other hand, buying property can be a wise investment for those planning a more permanent residency. Leasing Property Leasing property in Malaysia typically involves a straightforward process. Rental agreements are commonly signed for a one-year period, with a security deposit equivalent to two months' rent. It's advisable for expats
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May 18th 2024

15 Best Remote Work Tools & Software for Maximum Productivity 2024

In the wake of the pandemic, our work lives have undergone a cosmic shift. The once-familiar office cubicles have transformed into virtual spaces, where coffee breaks are now Zoom chats and water cooler gossip echoes through Slack channels. In the era of remote work, instead of having to dress neatly and prepare for work, remote employees can now just turn on their computers and work from anywhere. But here is the biggest change: remote work tools. They’re the
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May 20th 2024

Actuary Resume: Resume Formats, Examples, Templates & Writing Tips

Looking for a high-paying, low-stress job? Consider a career as an actuary. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a remarkable 24% growth in demand for actuaries from 2020 to 2030 , making it a standout profession in terms of job opportunities. According to Forbes , despite the high demand, there is a shortage of professional actuaries. This presents a fantastic opportunity for individuals interested in the financial industry. All that's needed is an impressive actuary resume that
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May 21st 2024

(2024) What Is a Resume? Explore the Latest Resume Examples & Templates, Standard Formats & Writing Tips

A resume, sometimes also known as a Curriculum Vitae (CV) , is a necessary formal document for job seeking process. A strong resume can help grab the attention of employers and can be the key to landing an interview. But "what is a resume?" you might ask. In this blog post, we'll share with you all-thing resumes, from its definition and types to writing tips and best practices for creating a compelling one, whether you are a recent graduate
Career Tools
May 17th 2024

10 Best Professional Networking Sites To Expand Your Professional Network

To level up your career, showcase your skills and services, or simply be kept in the loop, networking sites are the place to be. As the job market becomes more and more competitive, standing out is required to make progress in the industry. Professional networking involves making and maintaining contact with those who align with your career progression or goals so you can leverage each other's networks to advance professionally. With 85% of job vacancies filled via networking, being

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