10 Best Work from Home Jobs in Singapore [+ Where to Find Them]

10 Best Work from Home Jobs in Singapore

Remember the good old days when your boss would let you work from home (because there was a pandemic raging somewhere outside)? Turns out the good times are still rolling because remote jobs are in and here to stay.

During the pandemic, we saw an exponential increase in the number of companies, and countries, turning their focus to remote work or WFH jobs (Work From Home jobs), and the Lion City was no exception.

While the number of work from home jobs in Singapore has actually dropped almost 6% over the past two years, there are still employers in many fields giving preference to online jobs and providing remote working environments.

In this article, we’ll explore the trends in Singapore remote jobs, share insights on what the most popular work from home Singapore jobs are and where to find them, plus offer a few helpful tips on how to increase your productivity in a remote working environment. 

The “work from home jobs in Singapore” environment has changed significantly following the trailing off of the pandemic. From many companies enforcing total 100% remote working environments, things have now drifted more towards flexible and optional remote jobs.

So what do these two terms mean exactly?

  • Permanent remote work options
    Permanent remote jobs are those where you do not need to set foot in the office. We’re seeing many companies implementing total work from home jobs in Singapore post-pandemic, especially for positions in creative industries.
  • Flexibility in work arrangements
    We have also seen U-turns from 100% remote to “Hey, can you maybe come into the office two days a week?” hybrid remote jobs. According to CNBC, it is these kinds of online job arrangements that are projected to be more common in the coming years. 

Remote working conditions aside, we’ve also seen considerable changes in the tools, data protections, and work models that we use.

Advancements in collaboration tools

It’s not just our working conditions that are getting an upgrade, but also the tools that we use. From communication and organization platforms like Slack and Asana, to real-time collaboration tools like G-Suite and Teams, there are now so many ways to link up with your team remotely. 

Cybersecurity and data protection

In the new era of everything and everyone online, there has been a big boost in the past few years to increase cybersecurity and data protection. Which came in tandem with a 17% increase in number of data breaches from 2020 to 2021, according to Deloitte.

Balancing on-site and remote work

The hybrid remote working model is quickly becoming one of the ideal ways for employers to conduct their work from home jobs in Singapore. However this is one of the options where it is important to balance your on-site and remote work. 


Looking for the most popular work from home jobs Singapore has to offer? Here are a few to consider when you begin your search.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is one of the most popular part time work from home jobs in Singapore and is needed in everything from marketing to academia. Pay varies since it’s not always a full time position, with the average annual salary varying between S$3,000 and S$99,000.

Customer Service Representative

Whether it’s for UOB or StarHub, conversing with customers to resolve queries as a Customer service representative is one of the easy-ish work from home jobs Singapore has. It also pays fairly well, with an average annual salary of S$49,810.

Online Tutor

Tutors in languages and academic subjects can set their own hourly salaries, so this one really depends on the individual and the agency they work with. That said, the average annual salary for these kinds of work from home jobs Singapore offers is S$44,555.

Data Entry Specialist

Administrative based roles like data entry specialists, clerks, and receptionists, vary in workload and pay depending on the company, however can expect an average annual salary of S$23,837.

Computer Programmer

Coding geniuses like computer programmers are in high demand in Singapore, with considerable hourly salaries and an average annual salary of S$71,408.

Content Creators

From Instagram reels to Youtube videos, content creators are in high demand for social media savvy companies looking to make their mark on their audience. Which is why the average annual salary is so high at S$89,353.

E-commerce Seller

Similar to a marketer, an e-commerce seller uses marketing strategies to sell products to customers via online stores, like Amazon, Shopee, or their own platform. As such, the average annual salary varies, but should lie somewhere in the range of S$46,000 to S$87,000. 

Telesales/ Telemarketing

Telemarketing is cold calling, which means that, while the base pay isn't that high at an hourly average of S$8.75, commission for converting a customer can be pretty good. 

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are artists that create designs for marketing purposes. Though consistently in high demand, their potential earnings vary from company to company and from freelance to contract, leading to an average annual salary of S$21,620.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketing specialists draw together the facets of marketing, content creation, and freelance writing to create a powerhouse individual capable of drawing attention and generating profit. As such, the average annual salary for these remote jobs is between S$24,000 and S$59,000.

Where to Find Work from Home Jobs in Singapore?

Now that we know what’s on offer, let’s get started with where to find the best work from home jobs in Singapore.


Not to toot our own horn but CakeResume is a great online job portal for Singapore work from home jobs. With a clean interface that comes in English and Chinese, CakeResume has filters for 100% remote, partial remote, and optional remote jobs. We also provide a free resume builder right here.


JobStreet is a great resource for finding online jobs in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam. While it doesn’t have a ‘Remote’ filter, JobStreet Singapore features remote roles from a variety of industries from education to computer science.


LinkedIn is like Facebook for jobseekers with the endless scroll. That said, it’s a good platform to find online jobs for companies that aren't obvious on Indeed or Glassdoor that they’re hiring. 


With ‘Remote’ and ‘Job type’ filters, Indeed Singapore is an easy platform to use to find decent positions to queries like “Work from home jobs Singapore no experience?” to “Flexible work from home jobs Singapore”. You’ll just need to be eagle-eyed because sometimes non-remote positions will crop up, even when the remote filter is selected.


Glassdoor Singapore is another classic way to find work from home jobs, with ‘Location’ features that accept remote and an algorithm that will recommend remote work to you..if you’ve looked it up enough times.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a job search platform that doesn’t specify for Singapore, but rather showcases jobs from all over the world. There’s no ‘Remote’ filter - they’re all remote roles! - and jobseekers can input their ideal job category, region, and time zone to find online jobs.

Remote OK

Remote OK is a remote working environment only platform that showcases online jobs from all around the world! Complete with emojis denoting popularity and salary amount, this job platform is simple in design but easy to use.


FlexJobs is a members only (only members can fully view and apply to jobs) platform, featuring flexible, hybrid, and 100% work from home jobs. Jobs are easy to search with a quick quiz, and are verified in advance by the team so you can be sure there are no scams lurking around.


Remote.co is the sister/brother job search platform to FlexJobs, with the significant difference between the two being that Remote.Co only features 100% remote roles. Oh, and that there are no filters aside from the keywords you put into search. 


Freelancer is a little like Ebay, in that people will post a proposition detailing what they would like done and a freelancer will make a ‘bid’ for that task and how much they expect to be paid. As a result, this platform is good for those who want to build up and market their experience.

Now that you’ve uncovered where all the ideal home based jobs in Singapore have been hiding, it’s time to get started on that resume and cover letter. Let CakeResume take care of the hassle for you with our free resume builder that will make you stand out and secure that dream work from home jobs.

4 Tips for a Productive Work from Home Experience

Work from home jobs are great because you get to stay at home in the nest of comfortability and security. The obvious downside to this is that this is your sleep, eat, repeat domain, so laziness is a little bit common.

Never fear! We’ve compiled these four helpful tips to perk up your productivity and ensure that you’re able to make the most out of this remote working lifestyle.

Tip 1: Setting up a productive home office

Create a dedicated workspace

A benefit of companies with work from home jobs in Singapore is that they don’t have to invest in a workplace and all the necessities that come with that. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t spend a little time and effort on sprucing up your workspace, as studies have shown that a designated workspace can contribute to a mental transition from play to work.

Minimize distractions

With work from home jobs in Singapore, you no longer have to worry about office politics, but there can be other annoying distractions. These could be things like that clutter of paper piling up or the fact that you’ve plonked yourself down in the middle of the flatshare and people keep wandering into the kitchen. 

Minimizing these distractions in your physical surroundings can build productivity, so be sure to start doing that.

Tip 2: Time management and self-discipline

Create a schedule

Part of the greatness of work from home jobs in Singapore is that lack of a commute on the MRT. But with that freeing up a good chunk of time, you will need to create a daily schedule to ensure proper productivity - and you’ll need to stick to it.

Prioritize tasks

Yes, you’re working from home, and yes, you could start your day with 3 episodes rewatching Money Heist since the boss says you should finish that report by noon, but that is not a very good example of remote working time management, is it?

If you’ve found flexible work from home jobs in Singapore, then make sure you know how to prioritize your daily tasks. Working from home jobs in Singapore can be great, so long as you strictly discipline yourself when it comes to work time.

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Tip 3: Effective communication with remote teams and employers

Use collaboration tools

Whether you’ve found the flexible work from home jobs Singapore has to offer or the fully remote work from home jobs in Singapore, collaboration tools (like those on G-Suite) are the best way to ensure that everyone on the team can contribute to tasks. 

Clear communication

In addition to collaborating effectively, those in the home based jobs Singapore has are likely to rely on work-based tools that ensure clear communication, such as Slack or Asana. If your employer gives you login details for either of these, or a separate platform altogether, be sure that you use it. 

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Tip 4: Maintaining work-life balance

Define boundaries

Just because you’re part of the work from home jobs lifestyle does not mean that you are on call 24/7. And if your boss thinks it does, you need to define some boundaries ASAP because you should not be expected to be online all the time.

Take regular breaks

Feeling pain in your gluteus maximus yet? Remote jobs are notorious for causing ‘dead butt’ syndrome, due to the hours spent tapping away into the computer at a desk. Minimize your chances of falling into this uncomfortable situation by taking regular breaks that get you away from the screen and moving.

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In this article, we’ve covered the current flexible online jobs scene in Singapore, where to find popular work from home jobs (hint: CakeResume) and how to find the perfect balance between productivity and comfortability while working at home.

Visit CakeResume’s blog for more helpful resources on how to find your next dream job. With hundreds of articles, CakeResume makes navigating your professional career a piece of cake!

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