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Aug 14th 2023

How to Find Recruiters on LinkedIn - Unlocking Your Career Connections [+ Tips]

will discuss how to strategically get recruiters to notice, find, and contact you on LinkedIn so you won’t end up waiting indefinitely to progress to your next career level. Table of Contents: Locating Recruiters in Your Chosen Field Send Recruiters a Message on LinkedIn Stay on Recruiter’s Radar Tips for Finding Recruiters on LinkedIn Conclusion Locating Recruiters in Your Chosen Field Instead of weaving through numerous job openings in an attempt to find a recruiter’s name or
Job Search Tips
Jun 1st 2023

Feeling lost? Here’s how to follow up on a job application! [+Email samples]

want applicants contacting them, you need to respect them. 🧑🏻‍💻 How to Follow Up on a Job Application on LinkedIn Social media platforms, especially LinkedIn , provide incredible tools for job seekers. Many companies post their job listings regularly on LinkedIn. You can apply directly through and contact HR through the website. Therefore, you need to know how to reach out to a recruiter after applying on LinkedIn.; It is not important whether you applied through LinkedIn or traditional
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Sep 3rd 2023

20+ Best LinkedIn Connection Message Templates [+ Tips]

professional profiles, but also build professional connections . LinkedIn has recently been on the rise because it allows you to connect with amazing alumni, resourceful colleagues, and recruiters that can potentially get you a job . The feature of connection request messages on LinkedIn has made online networking easier than ever. Making your LinkedIn connection request message personalized can increase the likelihood of your request getting accepted. Hence, broadening your professional connections on LinkedIn can help you tremendously in the long term
Job Search Tips
Aug 27th 2023

How to Add LinkedIn To Your Resume

profile on your resume comes at a time when the majority of job applications are submitted online. A link to your LinkedIn profile is typically included within the header of your cover letter or resume . The benefits of having your LinkedIn account on your resume are numerous. Having a complete LinkedIn account and attaching your LinkedIn to your resume is a great way for recruiters to access a more detailed version of your professional career, key accomplishments, as well as
Job Search Channels
Aug 26th 2022

How To Get Maximum Use From Job Search Sites

of over 830 million users, and has 15 million job openings posted on LinkedIn’s job search engine – there’s no shortage of opportunities on LinkedIn! Jobs posted on the LinkedIn job search platform can be applied directly with your LinkedIn profile, and you can also sort by experience level, job type and industry. Additionally, you can do all your research into the company on the same site, by looking at companies’ or recruitersLinkedIn profiles. 🎯 Indeed Indeed is

Cover Letter for English Teacher w/ Examples [Cover Letter Writing Guideline]

lot about your skills, personality, and how you deal with students too, so make sure to utilize it and impress that recruiters. TABLE OF CONTENTS What to Write in an English Teacher Cover Letter English Teacher Cover Letter Examples Tips on How to Write a Cover Letter for English Teacher What to Write in an English Teacher Cover Letter When submitting an English Teacher resume , it's recommended to add a cover letter along to better convince the recruiters and

10 Reasons Recruiters Do Not Want to Consider Your Resume

Your resume is a gateway to your dream job and most times, we try as hard as we can to write the best resume as we possibly can and forward it to recruiters we come across on various platforms such as LinkedIn. However, we never end up getting an interview or job offer from them but a very subtle response of how they cannot continue with our recruitment. This may be due to us not taking into consideration some very
Hiring Tips
Aug 22nd 2022

How Social Media Recruiting Can Help You Find Your Ideal Talent

Establish an employee advocacy program With current employees being considered the best resource for company information, implementing an employee advocacy program can encourage potential applicants to apply for your open roles. Think of ways to encourage business representation among employees on social media, such as company merchandise or events that they can post about. Other ways to encourage advocacy include internal incentives for employees for sharing their work experiences via posts, especially on LinkedIn. 2. Define your employer brand in
Career Development
Apr 16th 2021

How to use LinkedIn? 5 tips to boost your career with LinkedIn

It takes more than resumes and hard work to launch an ideal job and develop your career nowadays. You also need a strong and diverse professional network, and LinkedIn helps you with that. Overview What is LinkedIn? How to use LinkedIn and why it’s useful Top 5 tips to build a job-winning LinkedIn profile Make sure you take advantage of LinkedIn as a tool to impress recruiters, attract business opportunities, learn industry trends and boost your career. Read

Crafting a Powerful Sales Cover Letter [+ Tips & Examples]

Created by CakeResume One of the main responsibilities for those who work in sales is to increase the sales of the company’s products or services, simply put, to increase the income of the company. Sales, a timeless career, remains relevant throughout history and today. Jobs of a salesperson entails attending customers, selling products, and meeting customers’ needs. If you are considering applying for a job as a salesperson, first you will need to “sell” yourself with your sales cover

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