100+ Must-have IT Skills on Your Resume (with Examples)

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Both basic and professional IT skills on a job application CV or resume have become an integral part of any IT job seeker’s core competencies due to the prevalence of computer and information technology in today’s workplace. IT specialists are in high demand. Research shows that people with IT skills earn 49 percent more than those who don't.

Showing the hiring team that you are qualified with IT skills on your resume is essentially telling them that you are a great asset to the business.

What are IT Skills?

Information Technology, or simply IT skills, refer to a wide variety of skills that you need when working with computers and/or telecommunications from coding, cybersecurity skills to providing technical support. IT skills are your ability and knowledge to manage information and technology.

IT skills include both technical skills and interpersonal skills; both of these skills are required for an IT job resume. The employer looks for different IT skill sets for different roles on the resume. Therefore, knowing what IT skills are expected in the position you’re applying for before you put them on your resume is important.

1. Data Analyst 

A data analyst uses data analysis tools, such as Microsoft Power BI, Python, and SQL, to carefully examine raw data to gain insights. Using these IT skills, they help businesses to make better decisions to achieve various objectives. 

2. Computer Sales Support Worker

Computer sales supporter workers work as a bridge between customers and a company that sells computer systems or related products. They introduce products to customers, answer questions, and provide technical help. Professionals in this field require IT skills, such as understanding of hardware to properly do their work.

3. Database Administrator

Database administrators’ main responsibility includes database improvement, maintenance and security. Using their IT skills, they plan and develop the database to help achieve the company’s goal. 

4. Cloud Computing Engineer

Cloud computing engineers plan and implement cloud computing systems and various related tasks for an organization. Using the relevant IT skills, they could be building cloud architecture systems, maintaining existing cloud-based infrastructure, migrating information to the cloud system, managing the security of the cloud system and so on.

5. Computer Network Specialist

Computer network specialists are responsible for network setup, maintenance, and evaluation for local area networks and wide area networks. They analyze and troubleshoot the company’s network problems with their IT skills and knowledge related to network connectivity, protocols, and cybersecurity. 

6. Information Technology Analyst

IT analysts optimize the information system in the company to maximize organizational efficiency. They design and improve IT systems based on the company’s objective, using various IT skills and tools, such as information engineering, to satisfy the management team as well as end-users.

7. Information Security Specialist

Information security specialists’ main responsibility is to ensure the safety of the company’s data and protect them from being attacked as well as computer viruses. Analyzing and researching IT systems and risks the company might be exposed to, information security specialists then make improvements and suggestions to better the current information system. 

8. Software and Application Developer

Software and application developers create various kinds of software for specific purposes, for example, video games and graphic programs. They need to be familiar with IT skills, including clouding computing skills, data structures and algorithms, containers, databases, and SQL, to name a few.

9. Hardware Technician 

Hardware technicians are tasked to provide customers and colleagues with technical support. Helping them resolve hardware-related problems. They also install, maintain, and repair computer systems, ranging from laptops and desktops to external devices and servers. 

10. Help Desk Analyst

Help desk analysts help customers with variety of computer issues or work as in-house technical support specialists to solve computer system problems for their coworkers.  

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100+ In-Demand IT Skills Examples for Resume

IT skills can also be divided into two groups: hard skills, also known as technical skills, and soft skills; both are needed for IT jobs.

IT hard skills are specific abilities with which you can design, develop, and improve information systems. They help you to carry out technical duties.

IT Technical Skills for Resume

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence):
    AI integration and application, deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, natural network architectures 
  • Application and software development:
    Agile development, Android/iOS UI, Android/iOS mobile application development kit, Angular, Docker, back-end development, front-end development, GeneXus, Github, Jira, Linx, React.js, SQL, Xcode development, Zoho Creator 
  • Cloud computing:
    Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web, AWS (Amazon Web Service), Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Kamatera, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, Panda Cloud, Rackspace Cloud, Salesforce, SAP cloud, VMware Cloud
  • Coding languages:
    C, C++, C#, CSS, Go, HTML5, Java, JavaScript, MATLAB, Objective-C, PHP, Python, R, Ruby, SQL, Swift
  • Data analysis:
    Data cleansing, data cube technology, data queries, data structures and algorithms, data synchronization, data visualization, data warehousing, Microsoft Excel, OLAP, raw data processing and integration, Tableau
  • eCommerce platforms:
    BigCommerce, Big Cartel, Ecwid, Magento, OpenCart, Prestashop, Shift4Shop, Shopify, Square Online, Squarespace, Volusion, Weebly, Wix, WooCommerce
  • Hardware knowledge:
    Components configuration, computer drivers, external devices (monitor, printer, scanner, hard drive)
  • Internet connection:
    Bandwidth, ethernet connection, IP address, modem, router, wireless configuration 
  • Network security:
    CEH, cloud security, CISA, data and file encryption, encryption solutions, firewalls, GCIH, intrusion detection, malware analysis, OSCP, secure code development, threat modeling, visualization technologies, vulnerability testing
  • Operating systems:
    Android, Linux, Mac OS, Windows, iOS 

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IT Soft Skills for Resume

IT soft skills are skills that allow you to work efficiently as part of the IT team; therefore, you should mention them in your CV.

  • Attention to detail
  • Accountability
  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution 
  • Creativity 
  • Critical thinking 
  • Flexibility 
  • Leadership
  • Negotiation
  • Organization
  • Patience 
  • Problem-solving
  • Project management 
  • Resourcefulness
  • Teamwork
  • Time management 

More IT Skills In-Demand for Different Jobs

IT skills on your resume, both hard and soft skills, are needed when you apply for IT-related jobs. But it might not be easy to determine what IT skills you want to include on your resume; therefore, a list of IT professions and relevant skills they require is provided here for you.

1. IT Engineer Skills for Resume 

  • Hard skills
    Coding, hardware skills, operating system knowledge, software development, testing and debugging
  • Soft skills
    Critical thinking, problem-solving, project management, teamwork, written and verbal communication

2. IT Administrator Skills for Resume

  • Hard skills
    Data backup management, network security skills, operating system knowledge, software installation and maintenance
  • Soft skills
    Communication, organization, patience, time management

3. IT Consultant Skills for Resume

  • Hard skills
    Data analysis, hardware skills, software installation and maintenance
  • Soft skills
    Attention to detail, critical thinking, patience, problem-solving, written and verbal communication

4. IT Support Specialist Skills for Resume

  • Hard skills
    Hardware skills, software installation and maintenance
  • Soft skills
    Attention to detail, flexibility, organization, patience, problem-solving, teamwork, resourcefulness, written and verbal communication

5. IT Technician Skills for Resume

  • Hard skills
    Data analysis, data collection, hardware and electronic devices installation and repairs, software maintenance 
  • Soft skills
    Communication, creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork

6. IT Recruiter Skills for Resume

  • Hard skills
    Technical knowledge
  • Software skills
    Communication, flexibility, patience, organization, project management, resourcefulness, teamwork, time management

7. IT Manager Skills for Resume 

  • Hard skills
    Technical knowledge, hardware maintenance
  • Soft skills
    Attention to detail, communication, conflict resolution, critical thinking, leadership skills, negotiation, project management

8. IT Specialist Skills for Resume 

  • Hard skills
    Cloud computing skills, coding, hardware maintenance, internet connection, network security, operating system knowledge, software development
  • Soft skills
    Communication, problem-solving, teamwork

9. IT Project Manager Skills for Resume

  • Hard skills
    Technical knowledge
  • Soft skills
    Communication, flexibility, negotiation, organization, project management, teamwork, time management

10. IT Director Skills for Resume

  • Hard skills
    Technical knowledge (including software, hardware and operating systems)
  • Soft skills
    Communication, critical thinking, flexibility, leadership, negotiation, problem-solving, organization, teamwork

How to Highlight Your IT Skills on Your Resume (+ Examples)

On your resume, IT skills can be included in three different sections, namely, resume summary/ objective section, work experience section, and IT skills section. Each of them highlights different aspects of your expertise.

1. Resume Summary/ Objective

Traditionally, you write 3 to 5 lines summarizing your career. Placing your IT skills here on top of your resume makes sure the hiring team won’t miss them. 

Here is an example of including IT skills in the resume summary section for a fresher IT specialist:

"Motivated and detail-oriented Computer Science graduate seeking the role of IT Specialist at ABC Software. Passionate about cyber security and antivirus software development. Protected 30+ computers from viruses for a local company. Relevant skills include secure code development and vulnerability testing."

💡 Pro Tips:

  • Carefully choose the most impressive achievement you have due to the limited space
  • Include both the results and the relevant skills. Remember to make a clear connection between them

2. Work Experience

The work experience section is also ideal for you to show your IT skills on the resume. You can mention more skills and in detailed.

Here is an example of placing IT skills in the work experience section of an IT project manager’s resume:


IT Support Specialist | TechX Corp.
2018 - 2020

  • Managed a team of 15 web developers.
  • Optimally managed risk factors through data analysis and lowered the risk by 13%.

💡 Pro Tips:

  • Back up your achievement with statistics
  • Be concise

3. IT Skills 

Alternatively, you can also dedicate a whole skills section to your IT skills on your resume. You will have more space to list each IT skill specifically.

Here is an example of listing IT skills in IT Skills for a software developer’s resume: 


  • Python (PCPP certification - Python Institute)
  • C++ (CPA certification - C++ Certificated Associate Programmer Certification)
  • HTML language (Proficient)

💡 Pro Tips:

  • Include certifications to certify your ability
  • Provide levels of proficiency, from basic to proficient, for your IT skills in the resume

3 Tips on Showcasing Your IT Skills during a Job Hunt

Job-hunting doesn’t end after you send out your resume. The interview is equally important for you to elaborate on your accomplishments and IT skills listed on your resume.

Here are some tips to impress the hiring team while applying for an IT job:

  1. Use examples and numbers to quantify results as a proof on your IT skills on your resume.
  2. Employ the STAR framework to discuss a specific situation, task, action, and result of the situation and provide a context of your IT expertise during interviews. 
  3. Present a slideshow with informative graphics and pictures that help the recruiter visualize your IT-related achievement during the interview.

How to Improve Your IT Skills

The information industry is always evolving. For this reason, whether you only have entry-level IT skills on the resume or you are an experienced IT professional, you need to continuously improve your IT skills to keep up with it.

Here are some tips to improve your IT skills required for IT jobs: 

✨ Practice Self-learning

Once you graduate, you no longer have an instructor walking you through various fields of knowledge. You will need to develop learning habits that allow you to master IT skills on your own, such as setting clear goals and finding learning resources.

✨ Take Courses

Alternatively, you can find a wide variety of courses, both online and in-person, to help you learn more effectively. These courses provide information and resources for you if you are a new to the industry or don’t know where to start.

Network with Other Techies   

Another way for you to grow as an IT professional is to exchange experience with other people, who can provide you with fresh ideas and share resources with you. Most importantly, you can get the emotional support that you need while learning new IT skills.

🔑  Key Takeaways:

The prominence of IT skills grows as the world increasingly becomes digital-oriented. With suitable IT skills on your resume, you can easily land your IT dream job. All you need to know is what IT skills are, in-demand IT skills for your resume, how to improve your IT skills, and how to showcase IT skills on the resume. Follow the tips and let's impress the recruiters with your IT skills during a job hunt.

--- Originally written by Yin-Hsuan Liang ---

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