How to Know Tires

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How to Know Tires

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The subject is divided into'Construction of the Tire and Know the Label' , 'Know the Type of Tires' , 'Tire Production Process' , '10 Way of Tire Maintenance' of these chapter to give more aware of tires to everyone. For example, 225 representing'225/45 R17' in the tire width(in mm), 45 representative of aspect ratio, R represents radial structure layer, 17 denotes diameter(unit inch); TW representative of wear value,TW100 for reference, after the value represent the higher wear; For traction grip, AA level for superior grade, good grade B, C grade normal; 94 representing '94W' in the load index and W for speed grade.The important manufacturing number/date, '3172 4014' in the specification code is 3172, 4014 represnts the first 40 weeks of 2014 production. Construction of the Tire and Know the Label(Chinese ver.only): 1) 2) 3) Teaching consumers how to distinguish economy tires, SUV tires, sport tires, off-road tires, slick tires and racing tires. We mark the various brands of the corresponding to allow consumers to select their own car of using environment. Economy tires(Chinese ver.only): SUV tires(Chinese ver.only): Sport Tires(Chinese ver.only): Off-Road Tires(Chinese ver.only): Slicks Tires(Chinese ver.only): Racing Tires(Chinese ver.only): Production of tires is complex,it must go through 'mixing,preparation,forming,curing and inspection' and'rubber refining, acquisition,extrusion,CORD,cutting,belt loop processing,cutting, steel line machining,molding and 11 steps manufacturing process of shipment'.Where'mixing' is manufacturer of commercial confidentiality and according to the proportion of different allocation determined tire performance. Chapter link(Chinese ver. only): '10 Way of Tire Maintenance' to teach people to develop the habit of tire maintenance and proper driving concept.For example, periodically check tires pressure and adjust wearing make an average of four wheels,positioned to reduce uneven wear,correct match the tire and rim with tire wall to make proper force,do not brake into the pit,do the hardest tire deflated and etc. Chapter link(Chinese ver. only):

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