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Should You Put Address on Your Resume? Why or Why Not

Resume/CV Should I include my address on my resume? This is a question you might have asked yourself and people around you when writing your resume and never get a straight answer. It is a legitimate question. People argue for and against it. But it all comes down to what job you’re applying for and how comfortable you are with this sensitive information being available to others. Traditionally, an address was a must on the CV. In the
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Jan 17th 2020

CakeResume vs. Resume: The Resume to Land Your Dream Job

you are trying to add to the world that says it all. And that’s where CakeResume comes to play. Let’s check out how CakeResume helps your profile stand out from a regular resume. Personal Branding Resume is important for people who are seeking jobs. CakeResume is meant not only for jobs but also to showcase what you have done and what you are capable of. It is more like an interactive digital extension to your resume. It provides

Journalist Resume Tips for Any Experience Level

what is asked of you. A CV is a more lengthy document, which provides detail of an applicant's professional career, whereas a resume is a shorter, more specific document which allows applicants to emphasize how their experience qualifies them for the role. As a journalist’s job is centered around their reporting niche, and accompanying skills, using the correct format in your journalism resume will help you choose the correct information. 2. Choose the right resume format There are

How to Write Strengths in a Resume? [Examples + Tips]

a Resume/CV 🖋 Step 1: Read carefully through the job description. Read through job descriptions carefully to comprehend each company’s desired strengths that they seek in applicants. 🖋 Step 2: Select the skills and strengths that qualify you for the job. To show the strong points for your resume, select important skills and strengths that a prospective employer may want to see in you. For example, if you are looking for a job as a software engineer, you

Quality Engineer Resume Examples: Templates & Formats

QC) engineer resume Mechanical quality engineer resume Software quality assurance resume Automation engineer resume If you are writing a CV to apply for a master’s degree in quality engineering, notice that the major difference between a resume and a CV is their purposes. A CV is for academic application while a resume is for job hunting. When writing a QC or QA engineer CV, focus on your education and research experience instead. Step 1: Pick the best layout for

Case Manager Resume: Examples & Templates

opening position. Hence, you should tailor your resume to make it highly relevant to the job you’re applying for to impress the recruiters. It’s highly recommended to read through the job description and pick up important keywords like job descriptions, personality traits, and professional skills to insert in your case manager resume. It makes your resume relevant to the opening job to evoke recruiters’ interests. Please notice that a case manager resume is different from a CV in

Python Developer Resume Examples (Templates & Tips)

suitable Python developer resume template. Choose the proper format for your Python developer resume. Start with contact information and basic personal details. Create an intriguing resume title. Craft a professional resume summary statement. Include skills and abilities relevant to the job. Highlight your best experience and accomplishments. List educational qualifications and background. Add an extra section to highlight personal traits or achievements. Craft a convincing cover letter for the Python developer job. Python developer resume sample Python developer is a

Motivation Letter Examples, Template & Writing Tips

of motivation is perfect if you are applying for an internship/volunteer role, or if you have little or no relevant experience. That means motivation letters are commonly required by university admission offices, educational institutes, and internship programs. During a job search, you can also write a motivational statement for your job application that acts as the introduction to your CV/resume for the hiring manager. In general, there are 4 purposes for writing a motivation letter: Motivation letters for

Radiologic Technologist Resume: Examples & Tips

a professional radiologic technologist resume to earn the spot. The following advice can help you create a solid radiography resume for your next technologist position. What format is the best for a radiologic technologist resume? 3 types of resume formats For a radiologic technologist resume, there are three assorted resume formats that you can choose to apply: Chronological resume format: - PROS: most commonly used and accepted by almost all recruiters. - CONS: not fitting for entry-level job applicants or career

Production Engineer Resume Samples (+ Job Description & Tips)

for job applications. Thus, it should be within 2 pages, it should only contain relevant information, and has a variety of layouts to choose from. ❗ Note: It is highly recommended that you carefully check the type of document the job application asks to avoid submitting the wrong one. Choose the right resume format for your production engineer resume . Now that you know the differences between a production engineer CV and a resume, it's time for you to decide

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