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5 Useful Resume Tips to Help You Get a Foreign Job from India

software talents currently), is the place that companies around the globe go to for software talents. As an Indian talent, if you are wondering how to get international jobs, the article is going to provide practical resume tips for foreign job application. After deciding your destination country and find a few ideal positions, the most critical job application process comes next - submitting your RESUME. A resume usually includes the job seeker’s contact information, introduction, education, work experience, and skills
Job Search Tips
Sep 21st 2023

Choosing the Right Job Search Site in Taiwan

it never hurts to spread your search far and wide! Here is a list of the most commonly used Taiwanese job search sites. 104 1111.com 518 Yourator Yes123 International Job Search Sites Taiwanese companies also employ the use of international job search websites such as LinkedIn and Indeed to advertise open positions. It is worth mentioning, however, that many Taiwanese companies simply use these websites as a means of redirecting job-seekers to domestic job search sites such as
Job Search Tips
Sep 25th 2023

How to Find Part-time Jobs As an International Student in Taiwan

documents, search for the right opportunities and let your CV or interview performance impress your recruiter. TABLE OF CONTENTS What You Need to Work in Taiwan as International Students What Jobs Can International Students Do in Taiwan? How to Find Jobs in Taiwan for International Students? Tips for Finding and Landing Job for International Students Conclusion Part-time Jobs for International Students in Taiwan What You Need to Work in Taiwan as International Students Can students do part-time jobs
Job Search Channels
Aug 19th 2020

How to Find Jobs in India? 3 Best Ways for Job Hunting Online & Offline

for their company. For experienced veterans, you wouldn’t want to miss this. You might have heard of NaukriHub, it originated from Naukri. It focuses more on the northern parts of India. 2. Monster India Acclaimed the “Google” of the job search world, Monster offers a great deal of information needed for a job-searcher. Once you click on the website, there are some categories for you to choose from, jobs for freshers, international opportunities, contract gigs, walk-in jobs
Career Development
Sep 10th 2023

Becoming an English Teacher in Taiwan [+ Requirements]

the strictest employer for teaching English in Taiwan. More qualifications are needed, but that’s because the pay is just so good with even better benefits (vacations) than public schools. Teaching in international schools Though competitive and pressurized, English teaching jobs in Taiwan international schools are extremely desirable. Some foreigners have even reported earning upwards of USD $3,000 a month from these ESL jobs Taiwan offers. Teaching in universities English teaching jobs in Taiwanese universities tend to be a

Secrets of Writing Successful Upwork Cover Letters

cover letter for Upwork customer service jobs Upwork cover letter sample for beginners Hello! I'm Maya Nguyen - a Vietnamese born and raised in the States. I've just graduated from Texas A&M with a Bachelor's Degree in International Business. While looking for freelance jobs, I was elated to see the Personal Assistant job advertised on Upwork. In spite of being a fresher with limited experience in the field, I have a strong passion for content creation, personal

Best Cover Letter for Cleaning Jobs w/ Examples, Templates [Cover Letter Writing Guideline]

Cleaning Job Cover Letter Writing Tips Whether you're an international student looking for a part-time job in cleaning, or simply someone who simply seeks for a job in cleaning, a good cover letter to elaborate on your skills is always good to have when submitting your job application. A cover letter is a one-page letter that introduces your working intentions for the company to the recruiter. It is one helpful letter that helps you get the chance
Job Search Channels
Aug 22nd 2022

A Guide to Jobs in Taiwan for Foreigners

Shane, and American Eagle are common choices for expats who want to teach English in Taiwan for the first time. Other educational positions Outside of teaching English, a foreigner with a degree in education can teach in Taiwan at an international school. You can also find work at one of the many universities in Taiwan. Most teaching jobs are in Taipei, and prominent international schools in Taipei include Morrison Academy and Taipei American School. 🔍 Prominent industries Some foreigners don

Front Desk Resume (Resume Examples)

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to write a great front desk resume? What is a good objective for a front desk resume? How to write a resume summary for a front desk job? What are some great skills to put on a resume for a front desk? How to write a front desk resume with no experience? Front desk resume sample The job of a front desk isn’t just talking and interacting with clients. It can be

Job Application Letter: Examples, What to Include & Writing Tips

Created by CakeResume In this article, we'll cover: What Is an Application Letter? What to Include in a Job Application Letter Job Application Letter Samples Application Letter Template Tips for Writing an Application Letter Aside from your resume, the hiring manager may ask you to submit a cover letter as a formal letter for a job application. Under different circumstances, it can go under different names shown below: Job application letter – explains why you're applying for this position

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