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5 Content Marketing Tips To Boost Your Personal Brand

Content marketing in the form of sharing useful content such as blogs or videos with web viewers who relate to your brand, can be one of the most successful digital marketing methods for your personal brand, but only with a solid strategy in place. With the abundance of types of content and channels to distribute content on, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here are 5 simple techniques to positively use content marketing to boost your personal brand and extend
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How to Nail a Software Engineer Interview in 2022? Top 10 Questions & Answers

The high salary and great demand for engineers have attracted numerous job seekers. However, do you know what the popular job interview questions for engineers are? Besides the technical test, general questions will also be asked during engineering interviews. Here are the ten most common job interview questions for software engineers collected and compiled through global job seeking experience, sharing from managers and human resource database. Further reading: 9 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Job in IT

Resume Writing: 5 Trends You Should Learn in 2020

your value addition to the projects undertaken. Today, we have picked the top 5 trends that can help your resume stand out from the rest and promote yourself as a brand: 1. Keep your audience and position in mind before sharing your resume A standard resume is at times incapable of addressing the purpose of the recipient who might be looking for something specific while browsing through the heap of resumes. Therefore, it’s important to bear in mind the

How to use LinkedIn? 5 tips to boost your career with LinkedIn

boost your career. Read on to learn how! What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is an online social networking platform, just like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but mainly for professional purposes. Instead of making “friends”, people make “connections” on LinkedIn. Instead of sharing personal lives and hobbies, people share their professional experiences and achievements. As you might know, networks and connections make a huge difference in career development, and LinkedIn is the most popular tool to build and nurture professional networks. It
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How To Answer “What Are Your Strengths” for Job Interview

that through an interview, employers expect to find out if you are a better match for the position than other candidates, and asking you to describe your strengths is the most straightforward way to do so. When answering this question, sharing your own strengths for a job could come off as bragging or too modest, if not practiced properly. Therefore, this article shares what strengths to say in an interview, along with some of the best answers for “wWhat is

Interpreter Resume Examples: Templates & Samples

translation: consecutive and simultaneous. Typical responsibilities include facilitating effective communication and accurately reproducing content in targeted languages. Interpreters often help in international conferences, business meetings, or similar contexts where there are parties that don’t share a common language. Despite sharing similar responsibilities regarding translation between languages, an interpreter has to deliver a directly-spoken translation of conversations, oral documents, and speech instead of providing written documentation translation as a translator does. If you desire to be an interpreter, the
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How to Answer Salary Expectations? 3 Useful Tips for Salary Negotiation

seeker has different priorities, if there is something particular which you concern about regarding salary structure, it is recommended to take this opportunity to clear it up during interview. The best time to inquire about or negotiate salary is after sharing your skills and experience . If the interviewer takes the initiative to bring up the topic, then you can further discuss it in details; if the interviewer did not mention salary, but you consider that the interview went well and

20 Best Portfolio Design Ideas [+ Tips for Your Personal Portfolio]

panic - let us show you the steps and tips whether you fancy simple portfolio design or creative portfolio design. 💡 Showcase your strongest pieces of work. Think about making a portfolio as showing the best version of yourself. Instead of sharing each and every project you've accomplished, it's better to present the most outstanding works you've worked on. That could be a project in which you received a lot of praise from the client, or through which

How to Add Extracurricular Activities in Your CV

consider: Student Council Associations or Clubs Sports Arts Foreign Language Sorority or Fraternity Tutoring Study Abroad Volunteering Profession-specific Activities Other relevant hobbies Student Council As a student council member, you need to handle various tasks. These tasks might include sharing ideas from students to senior members of the school department. Also, you need to organize social events and activities for new students. 💭 Being a student council shows that you possess the following skills: Leadership skills Teamwork Planning and

Resume Header: Tips, Examples & How to Stand Out

job title in your resume/CV header. Address Some say it is okay to leave out your address in your CV/resume header. However, some recruiters consider the time of your commute an important point. If you don’t like sharing too much information, you could also just put the city you currently live in on your CV/resume header. Phone Number Phone number is considered as one of the most efficient ways for a hiring manager to contact you

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