Simple Tips for Creating a First-Class Personal Portfolio

and get paid. Don’t Show Everything – Only the Best Think of your portfolio as your greatest hits album. Only showcase the hits - your absolute best, most impressive and representative work—and keep the lesser work samples off of your portfolio. Just how a flawless greatest hits album will instantly make a fan out of a new listener, a flawless design portfolio can instantly impress and interest a new prospective client. Categorize Your Work This is a continuation of the... Read more


Why Every Professional Should Have A Personal Website

When it comes to finding a job or internship, it can be difficult to set yourself apart from the sea of resumes and cover letters, while still remaining professional. Having a personal website - which often features your bio, contact information and portfolio - is a great strategy to showcase your work and to help you stand out from other candidates. Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should create a personal website for your dream career! 1. It Makes... Read more


The Wall of CakeResume

a traditional resume that is typically text only and bland this one would use multimedia interfacing in order to allow numbers of users in terms of incorporating embedded links, videos, images and some other online tools intended for impressive virtual portfolio which advertises individual’s best assets. It would also make it easy to guide you to your potential employer through the most important parts of the resume. There will also be an easy-to-use CakeResume Editor allowing users... Read more


9 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Job in IT

PHP code block. Whiteboard questions are often stressful for developers, but many large organizations like Google and Amazon still use them during their hiring processes for both junior and senior level developers. Try to get some practice before showing up! Portfolio You should never come to an interview without a portfolio of your previous work. Even if it's your first development job, work on personal projects or contribute to open source software as you're learning development to be... Read more


CakeResume vs. Resume

media, your CakeResume page can be an amazing way to express and introduce yourself. It can be your opportunity to influence a lasting impression of you. The world of creativity is rife with fierce and daunting competition nowadays. Your online portfolio must be able to capture and grasp the attention of the readers to place you above the competition. CakeResume helps you to create the perfect first impression. With a powerful branding statement, your value proposition can be imprinted throughout... Read more


Secrets of How to Become a Freelance Writer in College

then write these texts or start a blog related to your niche. Lucky for you, many clients don’t really care whether an article was written for another client or not - all they care about is how you write. The portfolio can demonstrate that. While creating a portfolio, remember that you don’t need to fill it with dozens of texts. Fewer is always better - and easier for the clients to read. Just make sure to fill your portfolio with... Read more


How to Find Startups that Allow You to Work Remotely

work continues to chart new territories for companies and service providers. Elance merged with O-Desk in 2013 creating one of the largest communities for online work. Guru. Another fast-growing work community that allows you to create an online portfolio with your profile. Indeed. An innovator in the search for remote work; Indeed pulls in data and information on all available remote jobs around the world. Indeed boasts of a robust community board. There are more than 2,000... Read more


Applying for Internships and Jobs at Startups

challenge. There is a limit to how creative you can be with words, so it is extremely important to look into other ways of making yourself stand out. The simplest way to do this is to add graphics, images, links, portfolio information and additional content in your resume. However, this is not as easy as it sounds, and it is not a matter of simply pasting info on to your resume. How can you creatively display all information relevant to... Read more


面試攻略 1:你以為是好回答的誤區?主管與面試官認為有說跟沒有說都一樣的話?

荒謬。(誰不知道裡面有沒有病毒或惡意程式?) 另外,你可以使用 (減少 PDF 大小) ,或者 ISSUU ,上傳你的作品集(Portfolio)。 11. 「Email 地址寫錯是大忌中的大忌。」 長篇的敘述(動機與個人介紹),字打錯就算了。 不過細心與細節還... Read more


CakeResume Guide

text only and is typically bland just like the LinkedIn, the CakeResume uses the multimedia interfacing which allows the users to integrate the embedded links, videos, images and other online tools in order to have an impressive and effective virtual portfolio that will advertise all your best assets and skill and will make it very easy for you to guide the hiring manager or potential employer to the most important part of your resume. CakeResume is not only very easy... Read more



資覺得有個人網站的求職者讓人印象深刻,但只有 7% 的人知道要這麼做。做這項統計的開發公司 Workfolio 創辦人 Charles Pooley 說:求職市場是個很競爭的地方,但擁有一個個人網站能幫你突破重圍。 Pooley 提出了幾... Read more

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