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Logo of 和泰汽車股份有限公司.
和泰汽車代理銷售全球知名汽車品牌TOYOTA、LEXUS、HINO之各式車輛,市佔率連續多年均為台灣車市No.1,獲利亦為台灣汽車業之冠。在MaaS(Mobility as a Service)的趨勢下,從共享服務切入,持續推出 iRent 與 yoxi 等多元移動服
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Logo of 第一金證券股份有限公司.
◎第一金證券股份有限公司 第一金證券股份有限公司成立於民國77年,成立之初以經紀業務為主,繼而於86年加入自營及承銷業務成為綜合券商,於89年開始辦理股務代理業務及成立金融商
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Logo of 安碁資訊股份有限公司.
安碁資訊股份有限公司(Acer Cyber Security Inc.,ACSI ,簡稱「安碁資訊」) 創立於2000年,為宏碁投資的子公司。安碁資訊在資訊安全領域深耕多年,雄踞台灣資安市場的翹楚地位。不僅建構完整的SOC平台與技術,也是國內
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Logo of Scarlett Indonesia.
SCARLETT Indonesia is one of the biggest local beauty brands in Indonesia, both in online and offline channels. We are ambitious in taking the business to the next level to become a leader in the Personal Care & Beauty categories. Our growth is not only proven through our innovative new products and team but also through the 5.5M organic followers that we have on social media. We have a vision to be the #1 Personal Care & Beauty brand in Indonesia
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Logo of 日盛台駿國際租賃股份有限公司.
日盛台駿國際租賃股份有限公司前身為日盛國際租賃,成立於 1981 年,深耕租賃市場四十多年。 2022 年 12 月與王道銀行子公司臺灣工銀租賃合併,並正式更名為「 日盛台駿國際租賃股份有限公司 」( INFINITE FINANCE
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Logo of ShopBack 回饋網股份有限公司.
ShopBack: The World's Most Rewarding Way to Shop! The ShopBack Group is Asia-Pacific’s leading shopping, rewards, and payments platform, serving over 40 million shoppers across 11 markets. In 2023, the Group expanded its offerings into Germany, signaling its entry into the European market. Driven by the vision to be the world's most rewarding way to shop, ShopBack is dedicated to saving members money and time, while delivering delightful experiences with every purchase. The platform also enables
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Logo of Carousell 旋轉拍賣.
Carousell Group旋轉拍賣集團是東南亞,台灣及香港領先多品類的買賣集團。集團的使命是鼓勵全球使二手商品成為購物優先選擇。該集團於2012年8月在新加坡成立,以Carousell 旋轉拍賣、Carousell Media Group、Cho Tot、Laku6、LuxLexicon、、OneShift
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Logo of 運達航運股份有限公司.
Interasia was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1967. The company has since been focused on providing a dependable network of ocean container shipping services throughout Asia. Interasia was at the forefront of the shipping industry’s move towards containerization in the late 1960s and the company is proud to be one of the longest-operating container shipping carriers in the region. The company has a long history of operating services between Japan and Singapore / Malaysia in particular and over the
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Logo of 山富國際旅行社股份有限公司.
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台灣台北市中山區南京東路二段85號4 樓
Logo of 國泰健康管理顧問股份有限公司.
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