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面試法,幫你講清楚、說明白 撰寫工作經驗,從最近工作經驗開始寫起,在撰寫工作經驗時候,請善用 STAR 面試法,大家可能常常聽到,在回答 Behavioral 問題時候,使用 STAR 方法可以幫助自己,在短間、壓力下、有組織

CFO Resume: Samples and Writing Guide

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to make a great Chief Financial Officer (CFO) resume? What to put on a resume for a Chief Financial Officer (CFO)? Tips for writing the best Chief Financial Officer (CFO) resume How to write a cover letter for a CFO? Chief Financial Officer (CFO) resume sample A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is the key to a company’s success. As a CFO, you are the leading role of the company’s finances and
Career Development
Jul 15th 2022

How to Become a Freelancer: Everything You Need to Know to Succeed

to your work. This will help both you and your clients evaluate your services. Step 3: Create a financial plan Starting a freelance business means you have more autonomy and freedom; however it can be volatile financially, especially at the start. Providing your services at competitive yet sustainable prices will help you freelance successfully and without financial stress. 💰 List your expenses Consider the time and resources you need to start your freelancing work and factor these in as baseline

PropTech 是什麼?買房租房不可不知的科技趨勢 - 專訪 JGB Founder & CEO Joanna,深入瞭解房地產投資與動態!

國家的 PropTech 發展近況 Joanna 帶著 JGB 在去年九月參加在香港舉辦的 PropTech Festival,與來自整個亞太地區、紐澳的 PropTech Startups 交流。作為台灣唯一一位代表,Joanna 說他們感到很興奮,因為舉辦地香港的國際化很深,其投資的商
Interview Skills
Mar 22nd 2022

How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions [+ Dos & Don’ts]

skill level is. Therefore, your answers to these behavioral interview questions demonstrate your strengths, skills, and abilities as an employee. How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions The secret of performing well in behavior-based interviews is knowing how to address STAR behavioral questions. The STAR technique for interviews allows you to provide a clear, concise, and specific response by using real-life examples. Below are the key 4 elements in the STAR methodology for interviews : SITUATION - the context of an
Hiring Tips
Jul 7th 2022

New Hire Checklist: How to Onboard New Employees Seamlessly

employee An open new hire checklist helps convey expectations from the manager. The new hire onboarding checklist help organize the must-know information into a short package, ensuring good communication. 💡 Make sure legal bases are covered Organizing new employee starter forms altogether will help you clarify the legal documents that need to be covered or remind you about safety training. Potentially, the new hire checklist might help you avoid legal issues. What to Include in a New Hire Checklist

機會是用創造的!看李威從 MIT 國際創業訓練營、Udemy 到 SaaS 工具 LearnWorlds 的職涯 MVP

看到一份心儀的職缺,卻發現自己沒有符合的相關經驗,你會直接把網頁關掉,還是全力以赴把握機會? 對於李威來說,想要爭取一份有興趣但是沒背景的工作,需要的遠遠不只是一頁履歷!大學時

CakeResume 五歲了!CEO 與 COO 最真實也精實的創業心聲

五月對於 CakeResume 來說是個特別的日子 🎂 CakeResume 誕生於 2016 年的 5 月 2 日,而在《科技職涯》第二季的第 38 集,我們迎來開播以來最熟悉的來賓 - CakeResume 的 CEO Trantor & COO Weicheng! 2016 年,Trantor 在 CakeResume 的 MVP 產品(Minimum Viable Product,最小可行產品)獲得相

輔導新創、加入新創、自己經營新創!FunNow 前馬來西亞市場 GM Jessie 的市場開發經驗與職涯理念

則是傾聽自己內心的信念 “Help Taiwan go global” 一路走到今天。 Jessie 曾是知名新創加速器 - 台灣新創競技場 (TSS,Taiwan Startup Stadium)的元老級成員,也曾經是即時預訂平台 - FunNow 的馬來西亞總經理。輔導過新創、自己也加入過新創

產品經理的創業之路:前 Dropbox&Facebook PM Wen 的新創與 PM 歷險

你曾想過要創業嗎?你會負責哪些項目?是產品、業務還是行銷?你有夥伴可以一起分擔嗎?還是你有能力一人身兼多職? 創業是高風險的事,也因此常聽到創業被鼓勵是年輕人的事。如果你擁有理想

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