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Dec 9th 2020

Successful Career Change Guide: How to start a new career? [Ideas, Resume, Cover Letter]

greatest things about working a 9-5 job is learning. You are in your early 20s when you have your first job. You are new to the field, a lot of things to grasp and absorb. After a while, you start to pick up and manage a project on your own. Boredom gradually creeps into you after a couple of years, and finally, here you are reading this career-change article. Obviously, you’re stagnated. When you first take on
Job Search Tips
Apr 8th 2019

Applying for Internships and Jobs at Startups

of the field of work you are in! Why Join a Startup? Photo by Philippe Lewicki, used under CC BY / Desaturated from original Although joining an established company has countless perks, there are many different reasons why joining a tech startup can do wonders for you. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider applying to a tech startup. Dive in the deep end. If you are having a hard time landing a position at a big company
Career Planning
Aug 18th 2020

Work Abroad in Singapore: First Step to Start Your Career at the Ideal Destination!

public order. Serving as the hub of finance and trade in Asia, Singapore embraces 1.3 millions of foreign workers, which is nearly 25% of its population, and creates a highly competitive and diversified working environment for talents. Have you started to wonder how you can embark on your journey of working in Singapore? Here are 3 tips to help you make it much easier and more delightful! What are the most popular jobs in Singapore right now? Click and

Mengenal Corporate: Jenis, Ciri dan Perbedaannya dengan Start Up

kamu yang suka zona nyaman. 2. Jenjang Karir Startup mengharuskan karyawannya untuk selalu siap dengan tantangan baru. Hal ini membuat karyawan startup banyak mempelajari skill baru, mudah berpikir kreatif serta terbiasa mengambil risiko. Semua tantangan kerja yang diberikan oleh perusahaan startup membuat karyawan mudah beradaptasi dalam berbagai posisi pekerjaan, membuat mereka mudah mendapatkan promosi. Selain itu, perusahaan startup umumnya cepat berkembang sehingga HRD sering merekrut orang baru. Ini membuat karyawan start up cepat naik posisi, dari level staff ke manager
Career Development
Mar 27th 2023

Venture Capital: Cara Kerja dan Perannya untuk Bisnis Startup

Daftar isi: Pengertian Venture Capital Proses Investasi Venture Capital Jenis Pembiayaan Modal Ventura Apa Saja Venture Capital di Indonesia? Dalam beberapa tahun terakhir, muncul banyak startup atau perusahaan rintisan. Startup-startup ini beroperasi di berbagai bidang mulai dari transportasi, pendidikan, kesehatan, sampai pariwisata. Dengan menggunakan teknologi sebagai ujung tombak, para startup ini mendisrupsi operasional dari perusahaan konvensional di tiap bidang. Salah satu hal yang paling sering kita dengar ketika berbicara tentang startup adalah soal valuasinya. Misalnya, Traveloka yang sudah mencapai
Career Planning
May 19th 2020

4 Things You Should Ponder on Before Working at a Startup

a startup. 1. What is work ing at startup s like ? An industrial-style office, cool sticky-note meetings, a confident "pitch" – these are what most people think of startup businesses. While these indeed form part of their daily routine, startups are much more than that. If you plan to work at a startup, you must first understand the difference between a “startup” company and a “new” company. The difference between startup companies and general businesses lies in their distinct
Job Search Tips
Mar 22nd 2024

SME là gì? Sự khác nhau giữa doanh nghiệp SME và Startup?

Startup Có rất nhiều người nhầm lẫn giữa doanh nghiệp SME và Startup nhưng thực tế đây là hai khái niệm hoàn toàn khác nhau. Để nhận biết hai mô hình này nhanh chóng ngoài nắm chắc khái niệm “ Startup là gì? ”, bạn có thể tham khảo bảng so sánh dưới đây để có góc nhìn toàn diện: Đặc điểm Công ty SME Startup Khái niệm Là các công ty vừa, nhỏ và siêu nhỏ về vốn, doanh thu
Career Development
May 15th 2024

How to Network Like a Pro: 15 Never-Outdated Tips to Get You Started

in-person networking are, for instance, career fairs, professional conferences and roundtable discussions. Top 10 Tips for Better Networking You might already have plenty of good networking skills up your sleeves, or you might be a novice who is just starting out. Either way, you can always pick up new knowledge or continue to develop your networking skills. Take a look below at some tips that will get you started with improving your networking skills. 🎯 Plan ahead As with
Success Stories
Oct 29th 2020

創業的最強後盾!AppWorks 加速器負責人 Alyssa 的 Startup 第一手觀察

Recruitment & HR
Dec 1st 2022

【面試官技巧教學】如何面試新人?一篇掌握 OPQRST 及 STAR 面試技巧

面試官面談技巧。 第一次當面試官,不知道該如何面試新人嗎?身為一位面試官,需要擁有哪些問問題的技巧呢? 過去經常有許多人資分享,求職者在 面試 時感覺表現都相當不錯,卻在 onboard 之後才發現

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