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Jan 5th 2021

How to quit your job smoothly?|6 Tips for a Successful Resignation

re not ready to quit? 6 Tips for a Successful Resignation Hope these nuggets of wisdom can either help you with your future planning or assist you to skedaddle out of your job. A Resignation Checklist: Are you Ready to Move on? Quitting can be nerve-wracking, if not handled appropriately. It’s too big a decision to make mistakes without realizing it. Therefore, a resignation checklist or a gut checklist is a must before you hand over the resignation

「軟硬體整合」的經驗如何幫助職涯成長?ViewSonic 打造全球市占率第一的產品經驗談

利福尼亞州沃爾納特,由台灣人朱家良於 1987 年創立,產品包括:智慧互動電子白板 ViewBoard/軟體解決方案 myViewBoard 生態系、教育元宇宙 UNIVERSE by ViewSonic、顯示器、投影機及 Direct View LED 顯示器、電磁筆顯示器等。目前更致力於透過

Music Teacher Resume Guide with Examples & Templates

write a great music teacher resume? Tip 1: Optimize your music teacher resume format for ATS. ATS (applicant tracking system) works as a filter to screen applications and forward only the qualified ones to the hiring manager. As most companies move toward ATS for their hiring process, make sure you craft an ATS-friendly music teacher resume. 💡 Note the following to beat the bot: Simplicity is best - stick to text and avoid images, symbols, or tables. Use common resume
Job Search Channels
Jan 18th 2022

6 Best Freelance Sites to Land on a Job in 2022

that said, how do you land on a freelance job in 2022? The Internet is a huge virtual global talent pool and there are two main ways for you: 1. Personal Websites Building your personal portfolio site is a wise move for the long run; you can build your reputation to a point where you can get a steady supply of projects through word-of-mouth alone. Your website can also show off your personality and values to companies who

Marketing Manager Resume: Examples & Writing Guide

fields. It often lasts more than 2 pages. A marketing manager resume , on the other hand, usually contains only information relevant to the job. The common length of a marketing manager resume is 1-2 pages. 💡 Tips : Before you move on, pay attention to the job post: does the application require a CV or a resume? Make sure you are working on the right document. Step 2: Choose the right marketing manager resume format. The perfect resume format for
Career Development
Nov 3rd 2020

First job for freshers: Startups or Corporates? 3 differences

like Barney from HIMYM, or maybe boring board meetings where everyone has acquired how to doze off with their eyes wide open. These are outdated stereotypes, big companies do not equate to a stagnant environment. More and more companies are moving towards a start-up-esque environment; for example, employees can play foosball during brainstorming meetings to spark creativity; team members can also show solidarity during the process. Some enterprises also encourage internal entrepreneurship by incentivizing them with benefits. However
Interview Skills
Oct 20th 2022

Core Java Interview Questions for Beginners, Junior, and Senior Developers

for better opportunities. Basic Java Interview Questions For the many developers that are preparing for basic jJava interview questions, we have collected some common questions that candidates might be asked during the technical interviews and example answers. But before we move on to the Java interview questions, there are a few tips that candidates can pay attention to. As a beginner or a junior developer, the candidate might be asked questions that deal with the fundamentals of Java during a

Back-End Developer Resume: Templates, Examples & Essential Skills

1: Pick the best layout for your backend developer resume How long should a backend developer resume be? Recruiters are busy people, for the API developer resumes they receive, they can only spend a few seconds skimming through them before moving on to the next ones. For that reason, it’s best to keep an entry-level back-end developer resume or a junior backend developer resume short, preferably, 1-2 pages long. However, if you have a senior backend

Best Medical Assistant Resume Examples (Objective, Summary, Skills)

An ATS-friendly medical assistant resume format will help a lot. For those applying, one must acknowledge the massive competition in the medical field, as well as the common adoption for systematic/digital recruiting in most hospitals due to their moving traffic (in terms of human beings, of course). ⚠ Avoiding fanciful formats and layouts for constructing a professional resume is important. A simple and easy to read resume format can help readers (and ATS!) screen your medical assistant resume

Career Objective for Resume|Samples, Formats, Writing Guide

receives from including a career objective statement on their resume. Pros: ATS friendly Recruiters now use applicant tracking systems (ATSs), that scan resumes for keywords. Hence, including keywords that are part of the original job posting, can help a candidate move along the hiring process. An opportunity to get noticed Often there are many applicants applying for one job posting, giving recruiters a lot less time to review resumes. With a clear objective statement, recruiters can review a resume in

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