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【專訪】CakeResume 第一位半導體 Consultant Helen:比起成交,創造人的價值才有意義

Helen 有更大的自由度可以發揮、有更多互相交流的空間,每一次發聲都會被聽見。 CakeResume 的第一位半導體 Recruitment Consultant Helen 不過作為團隊內的第一位半導體 Recruitment Consultant,感到挑戰的地方還是不少。Helen 形容過去像在一間藏

如何和獵頭合作?精選 8 大台灣獵人頭公司特色分析

選,一起看下去吧! 獵頭公司是什麼?Headhunter 如何收費? 大家常聽到的獵頭、獵人頭或獵才顧問,英文是 headhunter 或 recruitment consultant,主要的工作是協助企業媒合到適合的人才,並向企業客戶收取案件成交的服務費,這也是獵
Desarrollo Profesional
2022 may 6º

獵頭是什麼?獵人頭 (Headhunter) 工作內容、職涯發展一次告訴你!

個人找工作一定也會關注的部分 - 這份工作的「價值」為何?首先,我們可以先來看看 CakeResume 招募中的 Mid-Senior Recruitment Consultant 的 Job Description,了解這份工作所需的能力以及目標。  CakeResume Mid-Senior Recruitment Consultant 工作內容 透過人才篩選與技術測驗

專訪 CakeResume Consultant Team -Janice|為企業與人選之間找到最高的契合度,成為彼此的理想夥伴。

樣的。 Janice Lai 簡介  專業領域: Back-end Data science AI 聯繫 Janice,聊聊招募需求: CakeResume | Email | LinkedIn 想加入 CakeResume 擔任招募顧問嗎? 歡迎點選職缺連結了解更多,期待你的履歷! Associate Recruitment Consultant ,全職,初階,40K ~ 60K TWD/月 Mid-Senior Recruitment Consultant ,全職,中高階,50K ~ 70K TWD/月

專訪 CakeResume Consultant Team - Gareth| 置身在軟體工程師的環境做軟體招募,這種融入日常的力道是非常不一樣的。

伴。 Gareth Cheng 簡介  專業領域: Mobile Back-end Technical PM 聯繫 Gareth,聊聊招募需求: CakeResume | Email | LinkedIn | Medium 想加入 CakeResume 擔任招募顧問嗎? 歡迎點選職缺連結了解更多,期待你的履歷! Associate Recruitment Consultant ,全職,初階,40K ~ 60K TWD/月 Mid-Senior Recruitment Consultant ,全職,中高階,50K ~ 70K TWD/月

Consulting Cover Letter Writing Tips (+ Top Consulting Firms Cover Letter Examples)

a candidate's CV and cover letter should be compelling and thoughtful to be easily distinguished on their recruitment page. Before writing a consulting cover letter that could knock the recruiter's socks off, it is imperative to understand what consultants do. According to LinkedIn, people hire consultants for their expertise and knowledge in helping businesses solve problems and achieve their goals. However, consultants do more than give advice. They need to collect information, analyze it, conduct diagnoses that could

How to Classify Types of Employees (Definitions & Examples)

of employees on a full-time, part-time, temporary, or seasonal basis to help with primary responsibilities. Or, if you are crunching through a one-time project, you may enlist specialized help from the contingent workforce, meaning freelancers, contractors or consultants. Identifying the different employee categories is paramount to understanding the types of staff you need, managing understaffed areas, and fueling organizational growth. Additionally, understanding how to differentiate the types of employees you onboard is crucial for accuracy in tax

寫好一份職缺敘述 Job Description,人才就找對一半!

接觸,共同執行專案。」 另外,一份完整的 JD 職缺敘述該怎麼寫呢?以 CakeResume 的 招募顧問職缺 做為範例: Mid-Senior Recruitment Consultant (招募顧問) 我們正在招募中階—資深的招募顧問加入我們的 Recruitment Consultant team. 這個職位需要有至少一年

2022 暑期實習攻略:最新職缺、實習資訊平台、履歷技巧與範本,迎接充實的暑假

台,像是 104、 CakeReaume 、Yourator 等等,仍然有機會找心儀的暑期實習職缺喔! CakeResume 上面現正招募的熱門實習職缺 🔥 CakeResume Recruitment Consultant Intern 📍 台北市松山區 • 24 ~ 28 NTD/月 Cubo AI Marketing Intern 📍 台北市信義區 • 160 NTD/時 25sprout Product Management Intern 📍 台北市松山區 • 170

Human Resources (HR) Manager Resume Guide (Examples & Tips)

template 10 Human Resources (HR) Manager Resume Dos and Don'ts Human Resources (HR) Manager Resume Sample A human resources (HR) manager is responsible for the company’s most irreplaceable and valuable assets: people. HR manager takes ownership of employee recruitment, HR policy implementations, and employee consultation. In accordance with Glassdoor’s statistics, each opening HR Manager position attracts an average of 250 resumes. Hence, it’s crucial to write a professionally-tailored HR manager resume and cover letter to

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