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会社規模: 51〜200人
Logo of 拓荒資本股份有限公司.
#About None Group ? None Group是一間專注於區塊鏈落地應用的集團,範圍涵蓋了數位媒體、支付金融、消費紀錄等場景,希望能運用技術創新,持續優化用戶體驗,並創造更有趣的商業應用! 這裡聚集了一群對 Web3 充
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Logo of 奧丁丁集團(英屬開曼群島商台灣子公司歐簿客科技).
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Logo of 阿美精創新有限公司.
Tokenize Xchange is a Singapore-headquartered digital assets exchange that allows the trading of digital assets in a safe and secure environment with competitive fees. Established in 2017, Tokenize Xchange is one of Asia’s Leading Digital Assets Exchanges (DAX) and currently allows the trading of over 80 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies. Being one of the early entrants into Singapore’s digital asset space, Tokenize Xchange is one of the few exchanges in Singapore that
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Logo of portto 門戶科技 | Blocto.
portto 致力於改進區塊鏈應用的使用體驗,成為使用者進入去中心化世界的入口。 近幾年區塊鏈技術及衍生應用蓬勃發展,但尚未能被社會大眾廣泛使用、進入主流市場,其中最關鍵的問題是:區塊鏈
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台北市中山區民權東路三段 35 號 12 樓
Logo of XREX Inc..
* XREX is a fast-growing organization, on a mission to make our world a better place * You'll be working with top talents from around the world * You'll gain experience in building an international brand, product, and user community * You'll receive generous stock options * You'll gain experience in a blockchain- and crypto-related products, technologies, and markets * You'll be working in a cutting-edge tech startup using the very latest tech, tools, methodologies, and processes
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Logo of Superchain Incorporated.
Superchain簡介 Superchain專注於區塊鏈領域的技術研發、應用與服務。團隊中既有來自知名IT企業的區塊鏈專家,也同時匯聚知名互聯網金融平台的產品和技術專家。通過長時間共同協助與努力在區塊鏈的實
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Ayala Tower OneAyala Ave, Makati, Metro Manila,philppines
Logo of SupraOracles.
SupraOracles is here to define the future of information services in global markets. We are an exciting, ambitious, and well-funded startup with some unique technical capabilities that we believe will help cement us as a future leader in decentralized data. We’re a diverse team of professionals, academics, and advisors with experience from leading institutions such as the London Stock Exchange, JPMorgan Chase and Sony. SupraOracles is headquartered in Delaware, Connecticut, however, you’ll be joining a globally distributed
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Heping east road section 2 #5
Logo of imToken.
imToken 是一家完成 B 輪融資的區塊鏈科技公司,總部位於新加坡,目前已在全球 3 個國家和地區設立辦公場所。致力於打造最為安全、放心、簡單易用的數字錢包,讓每個人平等自由地享受有意義的數
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3 Fraser Street, 新加坡
Logo of Mask Global Market Co., Ltd..
Founded in 2021, MaskEX is the owner of MSB financial license in Canada and offers a licensed legal trading platform. The Most Secure digital wallet, with an address obfuscation strategy,and unlimited mass addresses.Compliance With Privacy: We abide by the privacy of the blockchain, do not retain any user information, and ensure the security of your assets.
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15 Allstate Parkway, 萬錦安大略加拿大