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2021 5월 6일

How to Work Remotely? 13 Efficient Ways to Find Remote Jobs Online

And while you’re there, you can work too. Further reading: Working from Home Starter Pack: Freelancing 101 Remote work is similar to freelance work in that you get to choose where you work. The only difference is that with remote work, you work directly with a company and are part of its remote team. Since 2014, more companies particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom have been integrating remote teams in their work force. Back then, remote
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2021 8월 16일

遠端工作哪裡找?熱門職缺 & 10 大遠距工作求職管道都在這裡!

仰賴網路的遠端工作者來說,社群又尤為重要。如果對於海外的遠距工作有興趣,可以參考 Digital Nomad Jobs - Remote Work From Anywhere 、 Digital Nomads Around the World 、 Global Digital Nomad Network 等等的社團。 台灣遠端工作社群 如果還是想要找偏向台灣企業、文
Career Development
2021 4월 28일

How to Be Efficient While Working from Home? 5 Best Productivity Apps (Free!)

The most common problem remote workers encounter while working from home is the difficulty in separating work from life, as they are no longer bound to the constraints of an physical office . The situation makes time and project management all the more important. After collecting feedback from various users, CakeResume has sifted through and selected several handy productivity tools that can effectively improve time management and increase productivity. Here we share them in hopes to help procrastinators free themselves from
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2021 1월 19일

工程師們,別讓辦公室限縮工作潛能! 精選 4 個海內外遠端工作求職平台

工程師,你也想成為遠端工作者嗎? 遠端工作(remote work)和數位遊牧(digital nomad)的概念這幾年在世界各地興起,透過網際網路與世界同步,不用每天進辦公室,又可以自己決定工作時間與地點,成為新世代工作
Career Development
2022 3월 25일

Mau Jadi Personal Assistant? Tugas, Gaji, dan Caranya! [+Contoh CV]

Daftar isi: Apa itu Personal Assistant Tugas dan Tanggung Jawab Personal Assistant Skill yang Dibutuhkan Personal Assistant Tips Menjadi Personal Assistant Personal assistant adalah posisi pekerjaan yang penting untuk melancarkan kehidupan profesional atau kehidupan pribadi para pengusaha, direktur, manajer, selebriti, atau bahkan untuk seorang individu/keluarga. Tugas seorang personal assistant mencakup tugas-tugas administratif untuk memastikan pengorganisasian, penjadwalan, dan perencanaan yang tepat. Personal assistant pun dapat bekerja dalam lingkungan bisnis atau jarak jauh ( remote work /WFH). Di artikel CakeResume ini
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2022 1월 18일

6 Best Freelance Sites to Land on a Job in 2022

demand. According to the Global Gig-Economy Index that was released last year, more than a third of all US workers – around 57 million people in total – are currently employed as independent workers and 63% of the companies surveyed hire remote workers online from freelance websites. In 2018 alone, the market share of the gig economy generated a whopping $1.28 trillion for the US economy. With all that said, how do you land on a freelance job in 2022
Hiring Tips
2022 7월 7일

New Hire Checklist: How to Onboard New Employees Seamlessly

hire onboarding template! Why Is a New Hire Checklist Important? It is obvious that a new hire checklist is helpful when big corporations are onboarding new employees. But is new hire checklist necessary or small businesses or companies that hiring remote workers? The answer is absolutely YES! An employee onboarding checklist is beneficial since it can help save time, increase motivation, and establish effective communication for both big and small companies. Here are the benefits of using a comprehensive employee

Sales Associate Resume: Examples, Skills & Job Description

associate resume, there are some information needed to be included while some not. Says YES to These List: Full name (First + Last) is required for presenting yourself professionally (Your colleagues can know your nickname later on when you actually start working). Phone number, email address, or any other contact method. A Headline tells your story and professional history! Address. if you’re applying as remote workers. BIG-NO NO List: Albeit finding ways to monetize your skillset is the practical

Operations Manager Resume Guide (+Formats, Examples, Templates)

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to build an operations manager resume? What to include on a resume for operations managers? Tips for writing the best operations manager resume How to write a cover letter for an operations manager position? Operations Manager Resume Sample What does an operations manager do? Broadly speaking, a business operations manager has to well understand the work in each department, coordinate different teams, and improve the efficiency of the process. Moreover, a business operations

Sales Manager Resume Examples [+ Job Description & Skills]

last name (the recruiters should know how to address you) Contact information - email or phone number. A Professional title suggests sparks of your previous experience (ex: sales intern VS sales director in the North America region) Address is critical for remote work. The OPTIONAL list : Linkedin URL / Personal website for exposing more past working experience or portfolio (the latter for the visual industry is sure a plus) Social media can turn the application-process more interactive (Depending on the company

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