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Logo of Google.
Google’s mission is to organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Since our founding in 1998, Google has grown by leaps and bounds. From offering search in a single language we now offer dozens of products and services—including various forms of advertising and web applications for all kinds of tasks—in scores of languages. And starting from two computer science students in a university dorm room, we now have thousands of employees and
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73F.-1, No. 7, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 11049, Taiwan
Logo of TSMC 台積電.
Established in 1987, TSMC is the world's first dedicated semiconductor foundry. As the founder and a leader of the Dedicated IC Foundry segment, TSMC has built its reputation by offering advanced and "More-than-Moore"​ wafer production processes and unparalleled manufacturing efficiency. From its inception, TSMC has consistently offered the foundry segment's leading technologies and TSMC COMPATIBLE® design services. TSMC has consistently experienced strong growth by building solid partnerships with its customers, large and small. IC suppliers
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Logo of Cathay United Bank 國泰世華商業銀行.
國泰世華銀行於1975年創立,為國泰金控成員之一,目前在臺灣共有 165 家分行。在海外佈局方面,目前於中國、越南、柬埔寨、香港、新加坡、菲律賓、馬來西亞、寮國、緬甸、泰國及印尼,共計有67個據點,海內外合
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【數位驅動】數位銀行App/Web Product manager(數數發,DDT)【數位驅動】商業分析師(數數發中心, DDT)【數位驅動】專案/產品管理師(數數發中心, DDT)【海外通路】(外派)資深商業規劃人員 Business Planning Staff【數位驅動】資深客戶經營行銷企劃【風管板塊】企業審查專業人員【風管板塊/專業支援】企業永續專業人員【海外通路】(國際管理部)海外通路管理資深專業人員【國內通路】私銀營運管理規劃專業人員【專業支援】資深策略規劃專業人員【國內通路】私銀客戶關係經理(RM)【資訊板塊】銀行核心系統全端工程師【資訊板塊】全端開發工程師【資訊板塊】系統分析師【資訊板塊】業務分析師【資訊板塊】授信系統全端工程師【資訊板塊】個人金融系統全端工程師(財富管理/信用卡/風控)【資訊板塊】金融市場系統全端工程師【資訊板塊】Backend Engineer 後端工程師-企業金融 Global B2B【資訊板塊】雲端開發工程師【海外通路】(外派)後端工程師 Back-end Engineer (數數發_台中CDC)_I00015358【海外通路】(外派)商業分析師Business Analyst【數位驅動】專案管理師_數據治理/AI治理專業人員 (數數發中心, DDT)【數位驅動】AI技術/應用規劃分析師(數數發中心, DDT)【數位驅動】數位雲技術架構師【數位驅動】數位雲技術研發工程師【數位金融】數位平台–軟體開發工程師C# Engineer(數數發中心,DDT)
Logo of 美律實業股份有限公司.
OUR VISION "Deliver excellent sound to enrich human life" As a world-leading manufacturer of electroacoustic products for over 4 decades, we are dedicating to making extraordinary sound and providing one-stop professional service for international brands. We operate on a global level, with headquarters in Taiwan and 18 worldwide locations spanning across the USA, Canada, Norway, Thailand, Singapore, China, etc. As a listed company (2439.TW), we not only focus on the development of the electroacoustic industry, but also
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Logo of Dell Technologies.
戴爾科技集團的創新引擎之一:戴爾台灣研發中心 Dell Technologies 戴爾台灣深厚的科技研發量能,讓台灣研發中心於2002年成立以來,不斷擴充規模,從草創的數十人到目前超過2,000人的團隊,成為戴爾全球
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Logo of 文曄集團_文曄科技股份有限公司.
文曄科技為全球市佔第一的半導體通路商,秉持著穩健紮實的風格,營運卓越並獲得下列成績與殊榮: ◆英國Financial Times評選為「亞太區500大高成長企業」 ◆Y2024 天下雜誌「台灣兩千大企業調查」資訊、通訊、IC通
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Logo of Amazon Web Services Taiwan (AWS)_台灣亞馬遜網路服務有限公司.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) 成立於 2006 年,是全球最全面和廣泛採納的雲端平台,透過資料中心提供超過 200 項功能完整的服務,包含運算、儲存、資料庫、分析、應用與部署等。全球 190 個國家的客戶 —包括成長最快的新創公
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